Between the Super Bowl, Gram­mys, and Oscars there was a lot of mar­ket­ing dol­lars spent these last cou­ple of months. Some of it gar­nered brands such as Coca Cola, Oreo and JCPenny a cov­eted spot in the minds of con­sumers. Per­haps long enough of an impres­sion that they will reach out whether today, tomor­row or in the near dis­tant future…and buy a can of Coke, a box of Oreo cook­ies or visit JCPenny.

Regard­less of how slick these ad place­ments, micro sites and social cam­paigns are, many mar­keters are still grap­pling with the best way to spend their invest­ments across dig­i­tal chan­nels:  try­ing to sep­a­rate fad from for­ever, try­ing to reach beyond buzz­words to busi­ness value.

Adobe Sum­mit – the Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Con­fer­ence – hap­pen­ing next week in Salt Lake City is a chance for more than 4,000 mar­keters and tech­nol­o­gists to come together and share best prac­tices and gain valu­able insights into what is work­ing and what isn’t. For exam­ple, in my ses­sion, which I am co-presenting with Health­Now enti­tled, “How to Stand Out: Sur­vival of the Most Rel­e­vant,” I’ll be explor­ing my find­ings on best prac­tices I’ve uncov­ered in my inter­ac­tions with some of the world’s top brands. I’ll share insights into what it really takes to build brand loy­alty through sus­tained con­ver­sa­tions across chan­nels and how to con­vert that to busi­ness value.

When there were only a few sites online, man­age­able lev­els of emails enter­ing our inboxes and lim­ited search engine capa­bil­i­ties, stand­ing out was eas­ier. Com­pa­nies online ini­tially had the advan­tage of being the first movers. The chal­lenge back then was there were few peo­ple online and those surf­ing around con­fined their activ­i­ties sim­ply to brows­ing. Today, while the oppor­tu­ni­ties for busi­nesses are real and trans­for­ma­tive, it’s get­ting really crowded out there.

You are not imag­in­ing things…as mar­keters, it is get­ting harder to get the atten­tion of your visitors.

In my ses­sion with Health­Now, we’ll be shar­ing insights of what has worked across indus­tries and com­pa­nies as well as specif­i­cally at Health­Now. I’ll be talk­ing about the three “R“s that all mar­keters need to know in order to sur­vive in this dig­i­tally immersed and dis­tracted world.

But the insights you will gain on how to stand out is not just lim­ited to my ses­sion, there are 14 ses­sions specif­i­cally on Web Expe­ri­ence Man­age­ment which will focus on how to use owned prop­er­ties such as web­sites, mobile sites and tablet apps to build an online pres­ence that meets your busi­ness pur­pose. Across all of Adobe Sum­mit there will also be insights and how-to ses­sions on get­ting the most from data col­lected across chan­nels, opti­miz­ing your adver­tis­ing spend and how to make sense of all the social buzz.

While these are focus areas that all have a sig­nif­i­cant play in your dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing mix, Adobe’s also bring­ing it together, form­ing the most com­pre­hen­sive dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing offer­ing, Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud.

If you think about how much you will spend on mar­ket­ing and build­ing your online busi­ness this year both in peo­ple and bud­get, and the poten­tial for growth in this part of your busi­ness, you will real­ize this is a con­fer­ence you can’t miss. For the thou­sands of you already attend­ing this year, I look for­ward to see­ing you there. For those who haven’t decided, I say, seize the moment, grab your bag, snag a plane ticket and get your spot. The dig­i­tal con­sumer waits for no one.

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To Adobe Sum­mit or bust! :-)

P.S. Of course, the par­ties are awe­some as well. There will be the Sum­mit Party fea­tur­ing the grammy award win­ning group Black Keys. And for all you WEM­mers and AEMmers…there is a WEM Meet Up where yours truly will be the host along with the entire WEM/CQ/Scene7 team. Can’t tell you every­thing here, but let’s just say there will be lots of lit­tle surprises…but noth­ing dangerous.

Loni Kao Stark

Direc­tor of Prod­uct, Solu­tion & Indus­try Marketing