What is the Adobe Experience Manager Community?

Adobe Experience Manager Community is a place to ask questions and learn from Adobe’s experts, customers and expert developers like you.

It is a platform to connect with your peers — quickly seek out answers to get the support you need, talk with other developers, exchange examples, discuss the best practices, share experiences, dispense blogs and get help from the Adobe experts.

Why you should join the Adobe Experience Manager Community?

When you join the AEM community, you not only get solutions to your problems, you get access to the expertise built with years of experience and the latest digital marketing insights. Join the community if you haven’t already and don’t forget to Introduce yourself when you do!

  • Ask the community: Post your questions and get answers from experts. You can also share what you know and help fellow community members by answering their questions!
  • Help resources: Seek out our reference materials, deep-dive documentation, video tutorials, troubleshooting guides, blogs, and more. Find what’s new, tips & tricks, and solutions to common issues.
  • Get recognized: Earn the ‘AEM Ambassador’ badge! Adobe recognizes expert community members who make exceptional contributions to the community.
  • Attend virtual meetups: Get together and network with the global community. Bring your ideas, tips, examples, and questions.
  • Share feedback: Share feedback and give suggestions for improvement on Experience Manager features that you use. Adobe experts are listening!

“What’s New” in the community platform?

At Adobe, we are constantly innovating to simplify our customer needs and continuing in the same spirit, we bring to you the all-new AEM community

  • Tag experts in your questions/discussions
  • Search efficiently and amazing performance
  • Follow & connect with the experts
  • Translate posts
  • Share your engagement & achievements on social media
  • Mobile friendly interface

Participate in the community events and contests

  • Ask the AEM Community Expert Webinar: Join Adobe experts online for demonstrations and tutorials on the topics that you suggest. Get answers to your questions live.
  • Community Code Contest: Be creative and solve some real-world problems. Show us and the AEM community how you use Experience Manager and win prizes!
  • Share-athon: Get the opportunity to share your blogs, articles, and best practices on Experience Manager.

Become a member

We’ll be glad to have you there. Here is how you can register: www.adobe.com/go/AEMCommunity

To stay up to date with Experience Manager, follow us on Twitter: @adobeExpCare

Go ahead! Experience the new community by Introducing yourself.