This week we stum­bled across an IE-brows­er issue where­by the solu­tion was sim­ple, but to get to the solu­tion took us a lot of time.

Hope­ful­ly this post will save some­one to go through the same path to find the solu­tion :-).

We had a set of users (authors) work­ing on IE8 and CQ5.5, when­ev­er they clicked to see a dia­log (page prop­er­ties etc) the fol­low­ing error came up.

Message: Object expected
Line: 163704
Char: 13
URI: http://localhost:4502/libs/cq/ui/widgets.js

 After trying a lot of things we got help from our support department and they were able to find the cause for this.

It was the set­ting “Enable native XMLHTTP sup­port” it was dis­abled in our case and it should be enabled.

After enabling this set­ting the author inter­face was work­ing again cor­rect­ly.