I’m look­ing for­ward to my talk on auto­mated self-testing and health check of live Adobe CQ instances (now part of Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ager) at CQCON 2013 in Basel. A num­ber of Apache Sling and CQ5 devel­op­ers have been work­ing on var­i­ous tools to check the health of a live CQ or Sling instance, and we seem to be con­verg­ing on a set of sim­ple tools that can be very help­ful for sys­tem admin­is­tra­tors and developers.

The focus of my talk is pre­sent­ing the SLING-2822 pro­to­type that I’ve been work­ing on recently that allows for cre­at­ing health check tests for Sling sys­tems in an exten­si­ble way. Out of the box, you can con­fig­ure rules to check MBean attribute val­ues, OSGi bun­dles states, dis­abling of Sling default accounts or any rule that can be checked by exe­cut­ing a script in a lan­guage that Sling sup­ports. Exten­sion points allow for reg­is­ter­ing addi­tional rule types as OSGi services.

This pro­to­type is not a fin­ished tool. The goal is to start a con­crete dis­cus­sion about what’s actu­ally needed in terms of health checks. This can be seen from var­i­ous angles: check­ing that the CQ secu­rity check­list has been applied, check­ing that the sys­tem is still in good shape after upgrad­ing some OSGi bun­dles, check­ing that per­for­mance coun­ters are within accept­able lim­its, etc.

With this in mind, I hope that you will attend CQCON 2013 and join in the open dis­cus­sion to pro­vide feed­back on which direc­tion such tools should take. I’ll make sure to men­tion the idea of using server-side JUnit scripts for auto-testing pro­duc­tion instances, as reac­tions to that idea have been vary­ing from sheer enthu­si­asm to cries of hor­ror. Just slightly exag­ger­at­ing; but it looks like opin­ions may vary on which tools to use where.

I’ll also present related tools like Joerg Hoh’s cq5-healthcheck tool and Davide Gianella’s san­ity check tool. We haven’t yet decided if and how much we should merge all those ideas into a com­mon tool, so get­ting feed­back from you and the rest of the CQCON audi­ence on that will be invaluable.