As the size of an Adobe CQ5 instance (now part of Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ager) increases, the per­for­mance of an appli­ca­tion on top of the CRX repos­i­tory can become a big­ger topic to focus on. In my talk at CQCON 2013 I will present some of the inner work­ings of CQ5 with CRX as the under­ly­ing repos­i­tory and explain how a good con­tent design helps to keep a CQ5 appli­ca­tion fast and responsive.

Another area for per­for­mance opti­miza­tion of a CQ5 appli­ca­tion often also include JCR queries. Dur­ing my talk I will present some of the tools avail­able in Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ager that help you trou­bleshoot queries and pro­vide an overview of com­monly used JCR query fea­tures with the per­for­mance you can expect from them.

I’m look­ing for­ward to CQCON 2013 in Basel and hope to meet many of the CQ5 devel­op­ers out there.