Henry Ford once famously quipped you can get that car in any color, as long as it is black. In the begin­ning and well into the mech­a­nized indus­trial age, con­sumers were lim­ited to a few choices of prod­uct col­ors, namely those that the prod­uct man­u­fac­turer felt would sell. And with the advent of the inter­net, we can now eas­ily shop for those lim­ited choices of prod­uct col­ors online!

If you want to buy some highly cus­tomized ver­sion of a prod­uct, that sin­gle car is 5 dif­fer­ent col­ors, the web expe­ri­ence of cre­at­ing and then see­ing the cus­tomized prod­uct has often been dis­ap­point­ing because it’s not as sim­ple as dis­play­ing prod­uct X in one of three color choices any­more. The prob­lem with dis­play­ing highly cus­tomized prod­ucts lies in cre­at­ing the gigan­tic num­ber images needed to describe all the poten­tial vari­a­tions of any com­plex design. The solu­tion lies in cre­at­ing any image of a series of design choices dynam­i­cally, upon request.

Cus­tom hand­bag maker 1154 LILL Stu­dio offers a large assort­ment of hand­bags to choose from. But Lill Stu­dio is actu­ally a bespoke hand­bag design sys­tem, encour­ag­ing vis­i­tors to cus­tomize a hand­bag design by choos­ing from a huge assort­ment of fab­ric choices for the var­i­ous parts of any hand­bag. And as you’d expect, it is insanely fun to build your hand­bag and see the results of your choices instantly on your com­puter screen.

LILL STUDIO uses the Adobe Scene7 Visual Con­fig­u­ra­tor tool to dynam­i­cally ren­der an image in real time so when­ever a prod­uct design choice is made, when­ever a cus­tomer selects a piece of the hand­bag to design, the fab­ric choice is ren­dered instantly on that por­tion of the image. These ren­ders are gen­er­ated from spe­cific URL calls which tell the ren­der server to ren­der a fab­ric tile onto a por­tion of the image when­ever that URL request is made, in real time.

LILL STUDIO’s use of the Adobe Scene7 Ren­der Server ele­gantly ties together its power to ren­der a spe­cial graphic file, called a Vignette file, map­ping on to any hand­bag area a seam­less fab­ric tile motif, via a URL call. Any ren­dered hand­bag image on the lil​l1154​.com web­site is an instant ver­sion the hand­bag vignette file ren­dered with fab­ric tile image. The Susan hand­bag allows for 4 pieces to be designed with the choice of 126 fab­rics to choose from. If you had to cre­ate a sin­gle image for each of those design com­bi­na­tions with­out the use of dynamic ren­der­ing, that would require the cre­ation of 252,047,376 sep­a­rate images (126 to the 4th power). Ugh. Adobe Scene7 Ren­der Serv­ing is a great solu­tion for dynam­i­cally ren­der­ing any per­me­ation of cus­tomer design choice.

As we edge ever closer to the world of hover cars and trans­porter beams promised to us, I’m excited that com­pa­nies in the busi­ness of cus­tomized prod­uct cre­ation, like LILL STUDIO demon­strates so well, are offer­ing excit­ing online expe­ri­ences to actu­ally see what you are order­ing before you press the buy button.