Bringing developer experts together at adaptTo()

2015 was an interesting year for Adobe Experience Manager: lots of new technologies, a new BETA version and the promise that even more exciting changes are ahead of us. This might give an explanation for the number and quality of contributions that were made in 2015 at adaptTo(). Here are our 3 top-rated talks, as picked by our attendees. Voting criteria comprised of work context, presentation of content and whether the session should be recommended to others. See all the sessions here.

#1 Modern Web Applications with Sightly

Live performance – Radu Cotescu in action


In his talk, Radu Cotescu (also a Sling committer) highlighted the most important changes of the Sightly templating language of the past 12 months. In that time, Sightly became a part of Apache Sling’s core bundles and was adopted by many developers. The API clean-up and performance improvements (Sightly is now on par with JSP, performance-wise) were highlighted as factors in Sightly’s continued success.

In the main part of the talk, Radu provided a comprehensive survey of best practices when working with the new API. The many code examples were clearly fleshed out by highlighting significant DOs and DON’Ts. Mind-boggling stuff indeed!

The great thing is: you can check out the recommended coding style in the open source blog engine “publick” ( – a truly modern web application built on top of Apache Sling, Sightly, AngularJS and Bootstrap.


 #2 So how do I test my Apache Sling application?

adaptto 3

Session Recap with Davide Giannella (center), Dominik Süß (right), Radu Cotescu (far right)

Robert Munteanu began his talk with an overview of testing stages. He dived in, starting with unit tests, then moving over to integration tests, before finishing with end-to-end tests. He outlined what is required to test Apache Sling Applications and how a Sling Application can be tested. Introducing Sling mocks for unit testing OSGi Services and Sling Models, he pointed out that Sling mocks speed up unit tests.

In addition, PAX as an integration test tool used to test OSGi Bundles and Sling made an appearance, followed by a live coding demonstration and Q&A session. Overall, a great overview of Sling mocks and testing a Sling application. Thanks, Robert.


 #3 Building AEM applications with

Networking at adaptT0() '15

Hackathon Session – Sling Testing Table with Stefan Seifert (far right)

In his session, Stefan gave an overview of the wide range of stack. It’s a collection of modular libraries and completely open-source (hosted by pro!vision). Libraries and extensions are helpful in creating a sophisticated Adobe Experience Manager application. Modules are easy to use and ship with default scenarios. There are tons of extension points, where you can modify the behaviour to your own needs.

Just to name a few things:

  • Sling Models injectors to easily access Experience Manager objects. For example PageManager, WCMMode and I18n
  • AEM Mocks for better unit testing
  • Configuration mechanism with inheritance support and a ready-to-use touch ui configuration editor
  • … and many more.


Call for Presentations 2016

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