The Chal­lenge: You are in the midst of launch­ing a new demand gen­er­a­tion cam­paign.   Your cur­rent task is to use sev­eral dif­fer­ent land­ing pages, each with a unique look and feel, to cap­ture as many leads as possible.

Time is an issue:  The cam­paign must start by Fri­day, and today is Mon­day.  For­tu­nately, you already have the lat­est design pack­age from your dig­i­tal agency, which includes an HTML file, CSS (design, col­ors, etc), and a bit of JavaScript (to han­dle the reg­is­tra­tion form and a few other good­ies).  You’d like to use the newly designed land­ing pages in your web con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem, how­ever your inter­nal IT team doesn’t have the resources to cre­ate new tem­plates for you.   What are your options?

Option 1:  Send the pack­age to your inter­nal IT team and wait for them to get to your request. Chances are, they won’t be able to meet your demands in time.  They are already bogged down with another task that has a higher pri­or­ity than your cam­paign.  You attempted to bribe the web team with choco­late and cook­ies, but that attempt failed mis­er­ably. (and they still ate your cookies!)

Option 2:  Aban­don your design pack­age and use a 3rd–party land­ing page prod­uct that is hosted out­side of your WCM. This could work, how­ever, you aren’t able to lever­age your organization’s exist­ing web infra­struc­ture and dig­i­tal assets.  Ban­ners, images, video and other con­tent will need to be dupli­cated in sev­eral places.  In addi­tion, that great lay­out from your agency will likely go to waste.

Here is the worst part: you also lose access to your organization’s ana­lyt­ics and opti­miza­tion infra­struc­ture.  You will now have the painful task of tying the results of your inde­pen­dent cam­paign to your exist­ing cam­paign data.

Option 3: A mir­a­cle (almost)

Adobe CQ Mar­ket­ing Cam­paign Man­age­ment has been refreshed with a new fea­ture to allow mar­keters to rapidly cre­ate land­ing pages while reliev­ing the bur­den on IT.  Just have your design agency edit your HTML file with a few sim­ple tags and then you can import that design directly into Adobe CQ!

Here’s how:

·         Ask your agency to edit your land­ing pages using a few cus­tom HTML tags

·         Zip up the files (use Archive util­ity on a Mac, WinZip on Windows)


·         Drag and Drop the zip file into CQ


This new capa­bil­ity is now in a pri­vate beta.  A pub­lic beta with enhanced mar­ket­ing cam­paign man­age­ment fea­tures is com­ing soon!

Elliot Sede­gah,

prod­uct mar­ket­ing man­ager, Adobe CQ



Did you mean to show a screenshot of the primary interface? Or was the whitespace between "Here is the primary interface:" and "Pretty obvious huh?" meant as a metaphor to represent simplicity?


Perhaps you could discuss this idea of "simplicity" with the members of the adobe reader team? I had to download Acrobat reader, and in order to do this I was forced to 1) restart firefox so I could install some stupid "download manager" 2) have some kind of mcafee virus scanner I don't want and don't need downloaded and installed very slowly (I have a 1Gb internet connection here so its not my end that's slow) 3) then acrobat reader downloaded equally slowly then installed. Then I uninstalled this mcafee thing. If I wanted their rubbish on my computer I'd go to their website. Oh and after all that, acrobat still didn't open the document because of a bug in this idiotic "protected mode" idea. If that's adobe's idea of simple then I suppose I should be grateful I wasn't forced to work with something you all consider to be complicated.

Hank Barnes
Hank Barnes

There was supposed to be a screenshot. It's there now. And was there in my draft. Not sure what happened. Can I blame Wordpress?

Hank Barnes
Hank Barnes

We'll pass that on to the Reader team and we apologize for the issues you faced. One thing that is true about simplicity, and experience, in today's technology environment, is that its not easy to get it right everytime. We'll try to do better.