Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ag­er 6.0 will be avail­able soon with changes to the User Inter­face. This opens up a whole new world of exten­si­bil­i­ty for AEM devel­op­ers.

Gilles and I will be pre­sent­ing at CIRCUIT in Chica­go, June 4–5, 2014.  I hope you will join us, to learn more about how to cus­tomize your UI in the new AEM. I’ve includ­ed a brief out­line of what we’ll cov­er at CIRCUIT below:

1 – Sling Resource Merg­er

The new resource merg­er will end the need of copy­ing full JCR sub­trees under apps. With the new resource merg­er it is pos­si­ble to over­lay cer­tain nodes with­out repli­cat­ing all their ances­tors. This includes adding, mod­i­fy­ing and remov­ing prop­er­ties of a node or its chil­dren.

2 – Build and mod­i­fy Admin­is­tra­tion

Build your own admin­is­tra­tion views or extend from an exist­ing one by mak­ing usage of our exten­sive UX frame­work build into the new AEM.

3 – Author­ing / Page Edit­ing

The new touch enabled page author­ing allows a broad range of exten­sion points, like plug­ging in a new inline edi­tor to a com­plete new lay­er for your cus­tom view.

This is just one of the many infor­ma­tive ses­sions panned for this 2 day event, planned by devel­op­ers for devel­op­ers.  Find out more about CIRCUIT, includ­ing reg­is­tra­tion, here.  Adobe is also offer­ing devel­op­ers the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take the AEM Com­po­nent Devel­op­er or AEM Lead Devel­op­er Cer­ti­fied Expert exam at a reduced rate of $250.00.  Learn more at: http://​adobe​.ly/​P​P​H​GIy.

I am look­ing for­ward to spend­ing time get­ting to know you in Chica­go!

This post was pre­vi­ous­ly pub­lished on Damien Antipa’s blog on May 7, 2014.