The content-finder is a great tool that makes life eas­ier for the con­tent authors.

But some­times you have a sit­u­a­tion whereby you don’t really need the content-finder for a set of pages and want to open the page with­out the content-finder.

I will explain in this blog­post how to dis­able the content-finder for cer­tain pages.

I will take the Geometrixx Con­tent Page as an exam­ple for this article.

This tem­plate is imple­mented by this page com­po­nent : /apps/geometrixx/components/contentpage.

In this page com­po­nent you have add this prop­erty “cq:defaultView” with the value “html”.


When you now open the page via sitead­min it will now be opened with­out the content-finder.