Core Adobe Experience Manager Configurations for hybris integration

The AEM Commerce framework is the backbone for experience-driven commerce in Experience Manager. The system is easy to access via APIs and can be extended for many PIM engines including hybris. The framework supports the following Content functions that can be owned by Experience Manager and powered by PIM engines via APIs:

  1. Catalog Management
    1. Product Importer
      1. Partial, Express and Full Imports
      2. Taxonomy creation
    2. Catalog Blueprinting
      1. Catalog Template
      2. Section Template
      3. Product Template
    3. Catalog Pages
      1. Concrete English Catalog
    4. Product Editor
    5. Product Change event across systems
    6. Product Search
  2. Shopping Experience
    1. Catalog pages
    2. Category / Section pages
    3. Add to Cart
    4. Checkout process
  3. Site Experience
    1. Header
    2. Footer
    3. Miscellaneous Site Components
  4. Personalization
    1. Promotions & Vouchers
    2. Order History trait
    3. Cart restoration
  5. Marketing Cloud Integration
    1. DAM
    2. Target recommendations
    3. Search & Promote feeds


Adobe Experience Manager and hybris integration diagram

AEM hybris integration

Experience Manager Configurations

The following configurations should be accessible from the Felix Console on your Experience Manager instance:

Hybris OAuth Handler

  • Update Client ID from mobile_android to <project_specific_value>
  • Update Client Secret from secret to <project_specific_value>
  • Update Trusted Client ID from trusted_client to <project_specific_value>
  • Update Trusted Client Secret
  • Update REST endpoint. e.g. /rest/v1/ to /b2bocc/v2/

Day CQ Commerce factory for Hybris

  • Update Commerce provider from hybris to <project_specific_value>

Day CQ Commerce Hybris Catalog Importer

Day CQ Commerce Hybris Configuration

  • Switch between Staging or Online values as appropriate.

Day CQ Commerce Hybris Connection Handler

  • Update Base URL value
  • Update username
  • Update password
  • Update REST endpoint value if hybris OCC v2 API is being used. e.g. /b2bocc/v2/

Day CQ Commerce Hybris Default Import Handler

  • Update DAM path from /content/dam/geometrixx-outdoors/products/import to /content/dam/<org>/products/import
  • Update Tag namespace from geometrixx-outdoors to <org>
  • Update Category page template from /apps/geometrixx-outdoors/templates/page_category to /apps/<org>/templates/page_category
  • Update Product page template from /apps/geometrixx-outdoors/templates/page_product to /apps/<org>/templates/page_product

Day CQ Commerce Hybris Default Response Parser

Day CQ Commerce Hybris Polling Customer Groups Updater

The above configurations can not be substituted for a well defined Project Plan, Product RoadMap or Project Pre-discovery items.

The lead Business Practitioner, Analyst or Architect for the project should cover the following areas in-depth before starting an Experience Manager and hybris implementation.

  1. Project Taxonomy must be defined.
  2. The Product page should be defined including possible variants
  3. A sandbox environment for hybris should be setup. This should be different from the QA hybris instance.
  4. The development machine should be (at the least) Mac with 8GB RAM and SSD.
  5. Define the URL mapping strategy, if product categories and catalog creation is dynamic.
  6. Define the candidate web sites to use the integration, including any regional and multi-lingual web portals.
  7. Identify other Adobe Products integration with Experience Manager & hybris.
  8. Define Product Launches in hybris and Experience Manager.
  9. Identify the usage of proxy pages, if needed, in Experience Manager for product pages.
  10. Review existing Experience Manager infrastructure to make sure AEM Commerce can be supported.
  11. Redefine Experience Manager Content model, as we have now catalogs along with AEM Sites and AEM Assets.
  12. Identify workflows to support custom hybris integration.

Additional documentation ( and articles can be found in the AEM Help Forum (