This blog­post will explain how to sync images from your creative-cloud account to your CQ5.5 instance.

When you have an account in the cre­ative cloud then you have 20GB of space avail­able to store your images.

You can con­fig­ure CQ5 in such a way that images from the cre­ative cloud will be synced with the CQ5 DAM. Like with upload­ing files into the DAM new ren­di­tions will be cre­ated and be avail­able for the author.

Con­fig­u­ra­tion Steps

Go to the Tools-section, and open the “Cloud Ser­vices Configurations”.

There you see the “Adobe Cre­ative Cloud”.


Enter the details of your cre­ative cloud account, and spec­ify which folder must be synced. In this case every­thing in /personal will be synced to my CQ5 instance.


When you now look into the CQ5 DAM you see the assets from your cre­ative cloud in your CQ5 instance with the cor­rect renditions.