In an era where enter­prises are fac­ing ever-growing com­pe­ti­tion, dig­i­tal mar­keters are demand­ing to accel­er­ate their go-to-market strat­egy to build their brand, while cre­at­ing demand and increas­ing reach for their prod­ucts. As mar­keters, you’ve all been there: Great mar­ket­ing cam­paign idea. Check. Social Com­mu­nity. Check. Imple­men­ta­tion time…hmm. That’s where it falls flat. How many times have mar­ket­ing ini­tia­tives been held up due to the time it takes to nego­ti­ate and buy soft­ware? Pro­vi­sion IT resources? Down­load, install and con­fig­ure? Fel­low mar­keters, wait no more! Adobe is bring­ing it all together with a new tech­nol­ogy, that com­bines the best Web plat­form and mod­ern cloud com­put­ing. Intro­duc­ing Adobe CQ Cloud Man­ager, designed to help mar­keters accel­er­ate time to mar­ket and pro­vide com­pet­i­tive dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion in today’s ever-changing dig­i­tal landscape.


CQ Cloud Man­ager, cur­rently in beta, is a cloud ser­vice enabling dig­i­tal mar­keters to reduce the time and cost to pro­vi­sion, man­age and meter Web Expe­ri­ence Man­age­ment (WEM) solu­tions sup­port­ing their dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing ini­tia­tives. Cloud Man­ager takes advan­tage of cloud com­put­ing tech­nol­ogy, such Ama­zon pub­lic cloud, for start­ing up full CQ clus­ters extremely fast and very con­sis­tently. Entirely self-service, enter­prises can quickly pro­vi­sion and deploy instances of their web envi­ron­ment in min­utes with­out hav­ing to pro­cure hard­ware or pay large upfront costs. Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing orga­ni­za­tions can now engage cus­tomers in min­i­mal time, drive mar­ket share, and increase their focus on innovation.

Cloud Man­ager offers a dash­board for access­ing your CQ clouds and mon­i­tor­ing their cur­rent state. The CQ clouds are pro­vi­sioned using the cloud provider of your choice and con­fig­ured by default with a Dis­patcher, a Pub­lish node and an Author node. Each CQ cloud is a ded­i­cated envi­ron­ment setup as a WEM plat­form for cre­at­ing end-to-end Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing solu­tions. You can man­age each CQ cloud sep­a­rately using the start, pause, stop, and scale con­trol but­tons. You also have the option to enable auto­matic back­ups for any of your CQ clouds and restore them on-demand from a list of online backups.
Cloud Man­ager includes a dash­board for view­ing all the CQ pack­ages you have installed on your CQ clouds. CQ pack­ages are avail­able on Pack­age­Share, the CQ appli­ca­tion mar­ket­place where you can find pack­ages pro­vided by Adobe or upload and share your own pack­ages pri­vately. CQ pack­ages can seam­lessly extend the capa­bil­ity of your WEM plat­form and be installed on one or more CQ clouds in a sin­gle click.

Cloud Man­ager gives you more with a dash­board for track­ing the usage of the cloud ser­vices you have added in Cloud Man­ager and installed on one or more CQ clouds. These cloud ser­vices are offered either by Adobe, such as the Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Suite, or by 3rd party cloud ven­dors such as Ama­zon Web Ser­vices. Cloud Man­ager enables you to import your cre­den­tials for the ser­vices you have already sub­scribed to with the dif­fer­ent ven­dors. Once a ser­vice is added in Cloud Man­ager, you can choose to install the ser­vice on your CQ clouds, and then ana­lyze the meter­ing graphs for track­ing the usage of that ser­vice by CQ cloud.

Imag­ine your Web plat­form that will deliver your mar­ket­ing plans on your clock, finally at your fin­ger­tips! What are you wait­ing for? Join our beta now at http://​adobec​q​cloud​.com

- Pierre Tager

Group Prod­uct Man­ager, Enter­prise Cloud