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September 23, 2008

Check out Adobe TV videos showing Fireworks CS4 from David Hogue where he demonstrates creating interactivity and rapid prototyping in Fireworks.

Rapid Prototyping
Learn how to conduct iterative and rapid prototyping in Fireworks CS4 using disjointed rollovers, effective use of symbols and exporting as HTML and images.

The Complete Design Process
See how Adobe design tools are used in the complete design process and how Fireworks CS4 and Photoshop CS4 work together to increase your team’s efficiency.

Information and Interaction Design
How David and team creates wireframes during the Information and Interaction Design Process.

Creating Interactive Prototypes
Learn how to add interactivity to wireframes in Fireworks CS4 by creating a navigation bar and using slices and hotspots.

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  • By Randy G. DeGroot - 9:15 PM on August 24, 2010  

    Dear Sirs

    I have been into computers ever since they came out and was almost hired by IBM corporation out of the Chicago area before Windows or Apple was ever heard of. I have seen the great momentum of your company Adobe evolve and become a leader in the industry of graphic arts and web development with the purchas of Aldus products and then after you started following Microsofts proceedures of making people register their products they purchase and intend to think they own them themseilve but yet have to contact you over the internet in order to get their products to run, this in turn tends to make people think they are just sending you money to use your programs.

    Along with the evolution of this event and trend in sofware publishing you along with Microsoft and other once well renound companies are probably scratching their heads wondering why their companies are declining financially. I only know that I am not the only person with this complaint as every time I purchase your products or even books from store to try to learn your new programs I find nothing in the books that I buy.

    I think that you should take a look at where this all started with the decline of your company which I still think is the best on the market you will be able to solve your problem of having to sell out to some other company in the near future. Everyone I talk to that is deeply involved in computers complain about not having literature with their programs to show how to operate these new features.

    Along with this people are complaining about your upgrades not being worth it and personally I don’t think Microsofts new programs are that well worth purchasing either. After I finally had HTML down then came the evolution of CSS and its’ many different facit of changes. What is going to take place next.

    You have Adobe TV but hardly anyone can aford high speed internet service and even one has DSL service in this nation they can’t view your teaching videos or even save them to Adobe Media Player. I don’t know why you don’t either replace teaching manuals with your programs showing people how to operate them instead of trying to get people to log onto Adobe TV in order to view your programs and the programs that on Adobe TV can’t be saved anywhere for a person to review them again in order to refresh their memory of how to follow a procedure to operate the programs they are using.

    I think that Fireworks CS4 is a big flop just like Microsofts latest versions of operating systems since I purchased Windows NT4 and then found out after I bought Windows XP that it was just a newer version of windows that had the NT4 code written in it that would crash all the time like Windows would and not like NT4.

    Maybe Microsoft is considering bringing your company down like it did Macromedia which I spent thousands of dollars in hope of starting my own business with but found out that I would have to learn how to code information in order to do the things I wanted to do in order to use it for the purpose of doing Web Publishing with.

    I don’t run into too many people out there that are buying computers anymore and are just giving up and personally I don’t know many people that can afford high speed internet service.

    I just don’t know why you won’t allow for downloads of your videos you put on Adobe TV or re incode them into flash format for backup viewing. It doesn’t make sense to me and many other people as to why you follow this proceedure when you still have the best programs out there. Perhaps you should get rid of the Macromedia people you have working for you and go back to the way you were doing things when you were totally an Adobe company and giving people what they thought they were suppose to get.

    Basically it is like your first review for Fireworks CS5 when you stated at your web site that you had taken care of 900 bug fixes and were making people pay for your mistakes like Macromedia used to do to their followers.

    Randy DeGroot