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December 8, 2008

Check out the Adobe Fireworks Auto Backup application at the AIR exchange/marketplace. This is a great addition to your aresenal if you are like me and experience the occasional blackout (Seems to happen constantly in my building in San Francisco) or you did something that Fireworks didnt like and crashes on you.


The biggest reason why I find myself using this application is when I am at the "Port of Indecision" and constantly making changes/iterations and wish I could go back to "n" file and grab those enhancements since I deleted them in the current file. If this happens then you’ll be saved since the utility will backup your document in case you need to fall back on it…phew!

Before using this app I had developed a keen sense of consistently saving after each major iteration on the design and now I dont need to worry about it! I’ll also mention if you are working on super large documents (containing more than 50-200 pages or have a large canvas size) this feature may not work for you since saving may take longer than normal. This app takes advantages of Fireworks synchronous save feature available in CS4 where saving the file doesnt stop you from working since saving happens in the background.

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  • By Ryan M - 7:03 AM on April 7, 2012  

    Every time I try to click the link to the Auto Backup utility, I get taken to a form to be come a publisher in the marketplace – where can I get this file? I’m sick of Fireworks crashing and losing everything – seems like you are too which is why you made this utility, but now you’re blocking access to it, or removed it altogether? …