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October 21, 2009

Follow-up on Snow Leopard Compatibility with Fireworks CS4

[edit: We’ve announced that we’re doing a Fireworks CS4 update/bug fix release for Mac OS X to fix all of these issues.]
Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard has been in the market for almost 2 months now, so it is time for a follow-up on our compatibility. The good news is that we haven’t found anything yet that should prevent you from using Fireworks CS4 with Snow Leopard. There are three known issues that we’ll discuss in this post.
First, if you haven’t already, you should update to the latest version of Fireworks CS4 by using our 10.0.3 Updater. It is available via the Adobe Update Manager and on
Crash on Quit issue
There’s only one issue that we’re seeing reported broadly and consistently, and that is that Fireworks CS4 may crash when you select File > Quit or Command-Q. Thanks to crash reports submitted by users, we have an idea of how common this is, and also, what the problem is. This crash only happens on some Snow Leopard installations where Fireworks CS4 is running.
If you are one of the people experiencing this issue, then we want to reassure you that it is not a harmful crash. Our engineers have found the offending code, and determined that all unsaved documents can be safely saved before the code that causes the crash executes.
The code that is causing this crash has been in the product since we first released Fireworks CS3, and did not cause crashes until it was executed on (some, but not all) Snow Leopard installations. It is conceivable that if you’re using Fireworks CS3 on Snow Leopard that you may also experience this crash, although we have not been able to cause that to happen in our tests.
We’ll continue to monitor these crash reports to determine if we can find a workaround, and to understand how common the crash is for our customers [edit: as Snow Leopard continues to proliferate]. At this time, we have no planned update release to fix this since it is harmless and causes no data loss. We regret any inconvenience this causes.
“Fireworks cannot run……” error message on launch
If you are one of the few people that are experiencing this problem, search your system using Spotlight for a file named “Song.dfont”. If you have this font, then temporarily remove it from the “/Library/Fonts/” folder and launch Fireworks CS4. If the problem goes away, then your font may have become corrupted.
Hang when selecting the Text tool
This issue is happening less frequently than the crash on quit issue above, but also seems new and unique to customers using Fireworks CS4 on Snow Leopard. On some Snow Leopard installations, customers may experience a hang (a spinning beachball cursor that goes forever) when selecting the Text tool and manipulating text. Fortunately we have determined that this is caused by a corrupted GlobalResources file, and we have a simple fix for this issue. Follow these steps to resolve the problem:

  • Quit all running applications. A restart is not a bad idea, but may not be necessary.

  • Navigate to “/Applications/Adobe Fireworks CS4/Required/” folder.

  • Rename the file, “GlobalResources” to something like “GlobalResources_original”.

  • Now download a new version of this file and place it in the same location.

  • You should now be able to use Fireworks CS4 without experiencing this problem.

CAUTION: This solution needs to be used ONLY when you are experiencing the beachball cursor hangs when selecting the text tool. The other issue of crash on exit will not be solved by this file replacement technique.
A TechNote about this issue can be found at:
If you are experiencing other problems using Fireworks CS4 on Snow Leopard, please let us know. Be sure to submit any Crash Reports because we look at everyone of these and they’re very valuable in helping us find the issues and to understand how common an issue is. Also, please report your issue using our online Bug and Feature Request form.
Bruce Bowman
Fireworks product manager
twitter: @brucebowman

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October 12, 2009

Text tool might hang with Fireworks CS4 on Snow Leopard

We received some feedback on text tool hanging when used inside Fireworks CS4 version. Any extensions which are manipulating text objects are also reporting such a hang or an error message.

The team has investigated the issue and the resolution steps are mentioned below:

  • Quit all the applications that are running.
  • Navigate to “/Applications/Adobe Fireworks CS4/Required/” folder.
  • Rename the file, “GlobalResources” to something like “GlobalResources_original”.
  • Now copy the file from this link at the same location. (essentially we are replacing the old globalresources file with the one I have attached with this mail above)
  • Launch Fireworks CS4 and select the text tool to type something on canvas.

The file to be replaced is hosted here

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