by Bruce Bowman


May 28, 2010

We’ve posted a new mobile workflows article on the Adobe Developer Connection featuring Fireworks CS5 and Adobe Device Central. Liz Myers, mobile and web-based application specialist, walks you through some very cool techniques for previewing your work on mobile devices that will inspire you to try it yourself. Her article is full of screen shots and includes 3 video demos.
Update: Jim Babbage (@JimBabbage), has written a new free CMX article about FXG 2.0 support in Fireworks CS5, with good general information on FXG workflows.
It is still early, but the CS5 reviews are beginning to trickle in, and I wanted to share a couple of new reviews that we’ve seen for Fireworks CS5:
MacWorld magazine recently completed their review of Adobe Fireworks CS5, awarding it 4.5 mice! Thanks MacWorld!
Smashing Magazine muses over whether it is worth switching to Fireworks CS5. Spolier – it is.
Have you tried Fireworks CS5 yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

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  • By Joe - 5:32 PM on May 28, 2010  

    What am I waiting for? Decent text rendering.
    What are YOU waiting for?

  • By Aled Morris Brown - 9:07 AM on May 30, 2010  

    Major intermittent bug STILL in FW CS5 and CS4.
    Open PSD file. Press Preview button to see optimisation settings in operation. Get blank checkerbox display, no preview.
    Have to save as FW PNG. Then close, then re-open PNG and then Preview button will work.
    Just done my first live job in FW CS5 and I had no Preview on opened PSD files for about 75% of the time. Sometimes it would work, sometimes not. And when it didn’t, the file had to be saved as PNG, closed and then re-opened.
    And it’s EXACTLY the same in FW CS4.

  • By John - 7:17 AM on June 2, 2010  

    Fireworks no longer jumps to the front when you drag a file over it.
    This just made my life 2% better, now just stop documents always opening full screen and I’ll be happy.

  • By Jeffrey - 5:47 PM on June 3, 2010  

    Can you guys speak to why Adobe is so badly neglecting Fireworks – no promotion, the CS4 fiasco, etc, etc… it feels like the red headed step child yet there are folks out here in the industry that truly recognize this app for what it is and rely on it heavily. Could it be there are just too many people using photoshop for the wrong purpose and Fireworks takes a back seat? Could it be that Fireworks is really the only app one needs to design for the web and therefor not a cash cow like the creative suites? Would love some insight from the Fireworks team if you can speak about it…

  • By Jim Babbage - 2:27 PM on June 4, 2010  

    @ Aled
    The new preview option is only available once you save a document as an FW PNG in CS5 and it only works for FW PNG files. The idea is to be able to navigate through a multi-page PNG file before opening or importing the file. As for the Photoshop preview, in the Import/Open dialog box, I’ve found it can take a while for hte preview to render, especially on large/complicated PSD files.

  • By Teddy - 10:42 AM on June 8, 2010  

    Fireworks got a good update, but I can’t consider it like a major release…
    It’s still pretty buggy app:
    – UI incosistence
    – UI occurrences
    – Still Crash
    – mysterious behavior
    – Definitely more stable but not enough
    – Can’t keep open more than one file (4000×4000 px)
    etc… etc…
    Why we can’t have a stable and consistence Creative Suite for Mac?

  • By Matt - 4:29 AM on June 9, 2010  

    I’ve had 2 crashes so far with CS5. On a machine running Win Vista. It was down to a particular transparent png I was trying to add to the canvas while allowing fireworks to resample the png.
    Managed to get around it by not resampling. Wasn’t a big deal anyway but it did force me to download FW backup air utility.

  • By FataL - 1:00 PM on June 24, 2010  

    > Have you tried Fireworks CS5 yet? If not, what are you waiting for?
    Fireworks was created for web-graphics and mocking up pages for Web. System anti-alias was one of the sailing features for me since version 2 (another one is vector graphics). I just cant do web mockups anymore with Fireworks. Still keep and use CS3…

  • By nate - 8:20 PM on June 29, 2010  

    I LOVE Fireworks, and use it all day long for web design. My issue (on a Mac, OSX 10.6) is that CS5 is buggy when saving PNGs. Essentially it will only save as png32. Sometimes it is not an issue, but some days, I can restart the program and it doesn’t resolve, I’ve even restarted my machine and it doesn’t resolve.
    Has anyone else noticed this happening? And is there something I can do to remedy it?

  • By Jphp - 2:29 PM on July 1, 2010  

    I agree with FaTaL! Where the heck did System Anti-aliasing go after CS3? It was the best feature! Looks like I’m stuck using cs3 still as well.

  • By dokMixer - 10:56 AM on July 13, 2010  

    I was pretty happy with some new functions (for example : font selection with typing, under mac osx)… but after 2 weeks of use, i CANT figure WHY Fireworks CS5 just stay freezed on launch.
    My god, even with a time machine reload of the app… the software freezes at launch. Come on guys, why is it SO unstable ? Please develop a decent tool, or stop selling it. Seriously.

  • By alecs - 6:22 PM on July 19, 2010  

    Not enough memory

    Pls fix this bug. In a days work Fireworks crashes with this error most often. Sometimes more than 10 times a day when dealing with source files with a lot of pages.

    • By FireworksFan - 6:53 PM on July 24, 2010  

      I am getting ‘not enough memory’ too – now second time in 2 days. This is scary .. even though CS3 sometimes was crashing, this is beginning to look like a serious issue for CS5.

    • By Jeff Johnson - 12:34 PM on August 13, 2010  

      Fw CS5 is ok enough but its so crashy i have to revert to F4 or F8 ( pre-adobe )
      the 32bit png has been my std lossless tool for years.

      CS5 does a BSOD on exit (XP) has cost me a lot of work.

      Face it guys, someone has to rework the code to not wildjump.

  • By Ade - 12:57 AM on July 31, 2010  

    Just wondering if there is any truth to the rumors going around that Adobe might be discontinuing Fireworks soon since InDesign seems to have gained a lot of features desired for rapid prototyping. I am a avid user of the program and I was very close to convincing my whole team to standardizing on the product for our UX work, but this rumour seems to have derailed that.

    The funny thing is that it seems plausible based on the amount of effort that was poured into other products during the CS5 launch. I understand that its user base may not be large compared to Photoshop, but thats not a flaw of the product, but rather Adobe’s inability to promote and market it appropriately. At the end of the day I guess revenue dictates a products shelf life.

    My two cents

  • By Michel - 5:46 PM on August 25, 2010  


    You don’t update this blog at all?… It’s a shame… See how John Nack from Ps Team is blogging…

  • By Christen - 7:36 AM on September 13, 2010  

    Hi Bruce! Do you know what happened to the recover files feature? I seems to have gone missing since the release…

  • By Ani - 3:45 PM on September 20, 2010  

    Web Designer Depot published recently a good article on Fireworks:

    Smashing Mag published not one, but two articles on Fireworks:

    Team, are you not proud that such big design magazines are dedicating full articles to Adobe Fireworks??

    These news should be surely worthy of mentioning in your blog? What about thousands of tweets and re-tweets on Adobe Fireworks? Some of them are very interesting and positive, too…

    From May to September 2010 — it seems that you don’t have any news to share with the Fireworks community? No news on upcoming Fireworks features in Fw CS6? No news on Fireworks reactions in serious design magazines, including WDD and SmashingMag?

    Is this blog “dead”?… 🙁

  • By Ani - 1:00 PM on September 22, 2010  

    My latest comment (with links to articles) wasn’t even approved… :(((

  • By Matt - 8:43 AM on September 24, 2010  

    Can you guys post some updates from time to time please. I’m starting to envy the photoshop fans as that john nack chap posts at least once a day. And it would be good if you could support the growning community as the FW team.

  • By Jonathan - 11:33 AM on October 26, 2010  

    Hey Adobe, when are you going to release a patch with System Anti-Aliasing?!? Fireworks is primarily used by web designers and application UI people. When we cant preview what text is going to look like in a browser it throws the entire design off. I’m about to revert back to CS3 and call my CS5 purchase a total bust (along with many of my colleagues).

    We don’t want to be pushed towards PS, it’s too big and aimed at graphic designers.

    P.S. Put some of Macromedia’s product managers back in charge of the product. They at least listened to feedback and responded positively.

    • By Marc - 12:58 PM on February 10, 2011  

      I have to agree with Jonathan, the Anti-Aliasing is just not good. At least give Fireworks the same Anti-Aliasing setting as Photoshop has, which does better job.