by Takashi Morifusa


October 14, 2010

Fireworks team blog came back with great event notice!

Dr. David M Houge

Dr. David M Houge

Join Ask a CS Pro: Fireworks CS5 session with David M. Hogue on Wed, Oct 20th at 13:00 – 14:00 PDT.
This is free online session via Adobe Connect. You can join from this link:

Fireworks is an important tool in the daily workflow of many designers and developers, but many of us do not take advantage of all of the powerful features available. If you are new to Fireworks, just upgraded from an older version, a developer who uses it for image slicing and optimization, or a designer who uses other tools and wants to know what Fireworks is all about, join us for an interactive online discussion where we will highlight some of the new features and lesser known features of Fireworks. We will also show some techniques for using Fireworks effectively and efficiently, and there will be a Q&A session to share information, hints, and tips.

David M. Hogue – Vice President of Interaction Design, Fluid, Inc., San Francisco Dave has been using Fireworks since 1999. He is an applied psychologist, interaction designer, adjunct faculty at SFSU in the Multimedia Studies Program, co-manager of the San Francisco Adobe User Group for Web Design (Fire On The Bay for Fireworks, Catalyst, and Dreamweaver) and a regular writer and speaker about interaction and experience design, design process, and Fireworks. He can be found online at:

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  • By Russ - 10:13 AM on October 18, 2010  

    Sounds like fun. Thanks for continuing to update this blog! 🙂

  • By vinewood - 6:33 AM on November 20, 2010  

    How to append a style in a Already exists style list in fireworks CS5 !

  • By Matt - 8:22 AM on November 23, 2010  

    Seconded. Although more and more posts would be appreciated. Perhaps even link to people who are talking about fireworks in the wider blogosphere.

  • By Andy Reid-McGlinn - 9:22 AM on December 1, 2010  

    Didn’t catch the session, but I’d like to know if he talked about how disruptive the memory issues are to a designers work flow using FW CS5?

    If I get told I don’t have enough memory (I do), or that an unknown error ocurred (thanks for the clarity), I’m going to smash my monitor to smithereens.

    Unfortunately, that action will likely cost me my job, and from there I can only see a horrible spiral of chaos that will leave me toothless, shoeless and homeless. I’ve got a plan though: I’ll quote Chinese proverbs at passers by until a wealthy lunatic befriends me and takes me into his employ as a sage.

    That might not be so bad actually, so don’t worry too much about fixing the problems that I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing.