by Takashi Morifusa


May 11, 2011

Math Resize Extension : Matt Stow

Matt Stow is a web and user interface designer who specialises in designing and developing accessible, standards-compliant websites. From conception to completion, Fireworks and Dreamweaver are his most important companions. Matt is a Fireworks evangelist and can often be found championing its abilities.

His recent invention is Math resize extension.

This extension allow user to resize an object as mathematically. I’s really useful to resize an object exact value without distortion. For example if you create rounded corner rectangle resize object via scale tool, the corner will be distorted. You need to use 9-slice scale tool to avoid problem or simply type exact value in PI W, H field. However, using this extension, it will help you to simple calculation to resize object.

Give it a try!


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  • By Jamhoc - 10:23 AM on May 11, 2011  

    Need to get calculations in the Fireworks input boxes, like how After Effects works.

    So say my width is “620” I can just click it and add “/2” hit return and get “310”

  • By Matt Stow - 1:02 AM on May 14, 2011  


    That’s the exact problem this extension solves, but it’s even better since it extends John Dunning’s Keyboard Resize commands so doesn’t distort corners etc.

    I’d be interested to get your opinions on it.

  • By Kevin Morton - 2:46 PM on May 16, 2011  

    Hi there couldn’t find a contact forum. But I’m the mod of a new reddit community r/fireworks if you ever want to come say hello and post some links that is the URL.

  • By Typical web design professional - 12:17 AM on July 4, 2011  

    That even one person would consider using this, let alone create it, just underscores how downright antediluvian Fireworks is (though the rest of CS5.5 isn’t much better). That FW is still the best visual interaction design tool around is a total fucking head-scratcher. 2011, and I’m supposed to use a textfield in a modal dialog to resize and object? Matt’s passion, though well-meaning, is too little, too late.

  • By Blaine Sheridon - 6:51 PM on May 15, 2012  

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  • By adobe illustrator upgrade - 7:04 AM on October 7, 2012  

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