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June 17, 2013

Fireworks CS6 update 12.0.1 is live

Adobe Fireworks CS6 patch (12.0.1) has been made live with platform compatibility, stability, usability along with performance improvements. You can download the patch manually from Adobe Fireworks Support Center or go to Help-updates menu item from Adobe Fireworks CS6 application

The following bug fixes have been included in the patch:

  1. Mac 10.8: Exporting from Image Preview dialog shows error “Could not save the file. File not found.”
  2. On Win 8 German build, invoking File Info dialog was quitting Adobe Fireworks CS6.
  3. A couple of crashes in importing and saving PSD workflows have been fixed.


  1. Selection Tool was leaving a ghost trail on canvas.
  2. Better anti-alias for small size rounded corner to make it look more close to Photoshop rendering.
  3. Kerning and leading controls in Properties panel stopped working after a combination of specific and global leading values have been applied to a Text object.
  4. Text color generates incorrect value in CSS Properties panel when the live filter applied on the object is disabled.
  5. Incorrect gradient angles are generated in CSS Properties panel when the object is rotated by 90degrees in Clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.
  6. Linear/Radial Gradient properties are updated in CSS Properties panel.
  7. Rounded rectangle autoshape with box shadow without stroke doesn’t list the CSS property for box shadow.
  8. Focus issue and formatting of the generated code have been improved.
  9. Win Only: In specific scenarios, “No fill” cannot be applied to text from Properties panel when previously applied fill is gradient/pattern.
  10. Edge and texture styles cannot be applied to a text object simultaneously.
  11. One of the classes in the Exported CSS has incorrect class setting in the exported jQuery Mobile Theme.


  1. Fireworks document containing button symbols on Master page takes a long time to open.
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