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June 17, 2013

Fireworks CS6 update 12.0.1 is live

Adobe Fireworks CS6 patch (12.0.1) has been made live with platform compatibility, stability, usability along with performance improvements. You can download the patch manually from Adobe Fireworks Support Center or go to Help-updates menu item from Adobe Fireworks CS6 application

The following bug fixes have been included in the patch:

  1. Mac 10.8: Exporting from Image Preview dialog shows error “Could not save the file. File not found.”
  2. On Win 8 German build, invoking File Info dialog was quitting Adobe Fireworks CS6.
  3. A couple of crashes in importing and saving PSD workflows have been fixed.


  1. Selection Tool was leaving a ghost trail on canvas.
  2. Better anti-alias for small size rounded corner to make it look more close to Photoshop rendering.
  3. Kerning and leading controls in Properties panel stopped working after a combination of specific and global leading values have been applied to a Text object.
  4. Text color generates incorrect value in CSS Properties panel when the live filter applied on the object is disabled.
  5. Incorrect gradient angles are generated in CSS Properties panel when the object is rotated by 90degrees in Clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.
  6. Linear/Radial Gradient properties are updated in CSS Properties panel.
  7. Rounded rectangle autoshape with box shadow without stroke doesn’t list the CSS property for box shadow.
  8. Focus issue and formatting of the generated code have been improved.
  9. Win Only: In specific scenarios, “No fill” cannot be applied to text from Properties panel when previously applied fill is gradient/pattern.
  10. Edge and texture styles cannot be applied to a text object simultaneously.
  11. One of the classes in the Exported CSS has incorrect class setting in the exported jQuery Mobile Theme.


  1. Fireworks document containing button symbols on Master page takes a long time to open.
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May 6, 2013

The future of Adobe Fireworks

Today at the MAX conference we announced the latest generation of our creative tools now known as CC including Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver CC, Flash Professional CC, Edge Animate CC, and many others. As you may have noticed this announcement did not include updates to Fireworks CS6.

Over the last couple of years, there has been an increasing amount of overlap in the functionality between Fireworks and both existing and new programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Edge Reflow. At the same time we have shifted to focus our engineering teams on building smaller, more modular, tools and services for specific tasks in web design. Due to this overlap and as well as our change in our product development focus, we have decided not to update Fireworks to CC and instead will focus on developing new tools to meet our customers needs.

While we are not planning further feature development for Fireworks, we will continue to sell Fireworks CS6 as well as make it available as part of the Creative Cloud. We will provide security updates as necessary and may provide bug fixes. We plan to update Fireworks to support the next major releases of both Mac OS X and Windows. As more specific details on the next version of Windows and Mac OS X are made available, we may adjust these plans.

We understand that Fireworks has one of the most passionate communities on the web, and that this change will be difficult to accept. Our goal in refocusing our development efforts is to build a new-generation of task focused tools that enable our customers to create great web content.

The Web Platform and Authoring team

Updated Q&A, Wednesday October 1, 2014

We appreciate all the comments following the announcement about the future of Fireworks and would like to answer a few of the common questions that are emerging:

Does Adobe care about Fireworks customers?

Absolutely – we understand that web designers love Fireworks  for it’s unique approach to page-based, stateful interaction design and rapid prototyping, and that it is an essential part of the web design process.

Why isn’t Fireworks being developed further?

Designing for the screen today is incredibly different to designing for the screen in 1998. As we considered adding new capabilities to Fireworks, we came to the conclusion that creating new, task-focused tools would better enable us to meet the future needs of web designers and developers.

What new tools is Adobe proposing to create for web design?

Adobe has embarked on creating a new collection of tools and services aimed at addressing the needs of today’s web designer – we’ve started with focusing on responsive layout, web animation and HTML, CSS and JavaScript code editing and are delivering new Edge tools to address these use cases. We are actively working on next-generation solutions for screen design and prototyping that we hope our existing Fireworks customers will love.

The show of support for Fireworks from the community has reaffirmed our belief that Adobe should continue to deliver dedicated tools for web designers – what follows Fireworks CS6 will be an revolutionary leap, designed from the ground up with the needs of the modern web designer front and center. To do this we need your help. We’d love to hear about how you work, what challenges you face, where you experience the most pain in your day to day design processes.

If you’d like to join us in the process of creating these new tools then please sign-up here.

Will Fireworks continue to be available?

Yes, Fireworks CS6 will continue to be available as part of a Creative Cloud membership.

Should I continue to use Fireworks?

Yes, if Fireworks CS6 is part of your current workflow then there is no reason to make any changes to your use of the product.

The Fireworks forum will continue to be available to CS6 users. For issues other than those related to product ownership, please post your questions on the Fireworks forum.

Is Adobe really going to fix any of the existing bugs in Fireworks?

Adobe released an update for Fireworks CS6 in mid-2013 that addressed over 25 outstanding issues, including the “File not found” issue on Mac OS 10.8 often experienced when exporting from the Image Preview dialog.

Is Adobe proposing that existing Fireworks customers switch to Photoshop?

Photoshop is a major part of the design process, but we know that Fireworks offers something unique that has made it an essential part of the web designer’s toolkit. While Photoshop is continuing to add features and workflows to support web designers, whether or not it is a good replacement for Fireworks will depend on individual needs and preferences.

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October 20, 2011

CSS3 Mobile Pack

At AdobeMAX 2011 Keynote, Fireworks CSS3 Mobile Pack is announced.

This mobile pack contains following feature.

  • CSS Properties panel
    – Extract your design comp to CSS code
  •  jQuery Mobile theme skinnig feature
    – Creative your owm jQuey swatch, include custom icons, or modify default theme

Video: Using CSS3 Mobile Pack

You can download this extension from Adobe Labs


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April 12, 2011

Creative Suite CS5.5 will include Fireworks CS5.1

Creative Suite CS5.5 will include Fireworks CS5.1, which is a minor update from Fireworks CS5.0.

In addition, we will be releasing a patch for Fireworks CS5.0 users.  This patch will include all of the bug fixes that are going into CS5.1.  It will not, however, include the subscription engine that will be part of CS5.1, so it will not fully upgrade CS5.0 to CS5.1. To identify the builds:

n  The full CS5.1 internal build number will be 11.1.

n  After applying the patch to CS5.0 the internal build number will be 11.0.1.


The following bug fixes will be included in the patch and the Fireworks CS5.1 release.
Major crash bug fixes
Thank you for using the crash reporter to submit crash problems. Our developers figured out the root cause of many crashes and fixed a variety of unexpected crash bugs when using the following functions and APIs.

  • PS Live Effects area
  • Vector tool
  • Layer naming, editing in multiple pages
  • Undo/redo name change
  • Find and replace
  • Saving files
  • Opening legacy Fireworks 8 file
  • Win API related changes for 64bit

Color optimization improvement
We’ve heard customers’ complaints about the color banding issue of GIF, PNG8, JPEG optimization, and now we have improved color optimization to enable multiple bit depth algorithms for color optimization.

Out of memory prevention on Win
Please be aware of 32bit application limitations. Since Fireworks is 32bit application, it is limited to accessing up to 2GB of RAM on Windows. As RAM prices have dropped, you might have a higher-end machine loaded with 8GB or more of RAM, but Fireworks cannot access anything but the first 2GB. Instead of popping up an out of memory dialog box, and risk losing data,  we’ve modified the behavior to bring up a “Low memory” warning dialog box so you can save and close the document, and delete the old history to free up memory. You may also assign a keyboard shortcut to bring up the dialog box to delete the history and close the document too.

Enable Save on Crash on Mac
When an application crash occurs on the Mac platform, Fireworks saves the most recent working file onto the desktop to help recover the file.


Sticky Save As… location
Fireworks used to keep the same file location as the opened file when the user chose “Save as…”. Fireworks CS5.1 will respect the last saved location.
Choosing export slice from the context menu also preserves the last saved location.

AIR SDK update
We replaced the AIR 2.0 SDK with AIR 2.5.1 SDK for creation of AIR applications in Fireworks.

More Bug Fixes
FXG related bug fix

  • Buttons were not appearing properly in Flash Catalyst after opening a .fxg file that contains buttons.
  • FXG Symbols (button, graphic, and Animation) with same symbol ID were not being exported properly.
  • RichText tags in exported FXG were[JGW1] required to have a fontFamily attribute.
  • Fireworks threw an error while exporting a FXG that contained text with missing fonts or legacy text.
  • When an empty text object with the cursor on it is present, Fireworks threw an error while exporting to FXG.

Image preview now preserves the settings done through “Save as…”  options dialog box.

Fireworks no longer crashes when you try to edit a symbol with a blank name.

When an empty text object with the cursor on it is present, Fireworks threw an error while exporting to CSS and Images

When exporting an image, nearly white objects on a white background turned transparent.

File overwriting warning didn’t pop up for “images” when exporting as HTML and images.

The focus was not on the file name in the Windows Export dialog box, and the keyboard could not be used in that dialog box.



Takashi Morifusa
Fireworks Sr. Product Manager


[JGW1]a“are” ?

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January 31, 2011

Edge Article : Design 101 for developers from Dee Sadler

Here is a new article from Dee Sadler about “Design 101 for developers”
Adobe Edge:  January 2011 Article

This is good article who is not familiar with Fireworks to know the basic idea of what you can do with Fireworks.

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November 4, 2010

Video archive for the David M. Hogue’s Ask A Pro Fireworks sesion is avaiable

It was an exciting “Ask A Pro” Web seminar for Fireworks CS5.
Here is the recorded session video archive in case you missed.
Great tips and lots of Q&A in the Chat pod.

Another good news! David wrote article is available in Developers Central.
Title: Turning a design into HTML and CSS using the Fireworks to Dreamweaver workflow


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October 14, 2010

Ask a CS Pro: Fireworks CS5 for Designers & Developers with David M. Hogue on October 20th!

Fireworks team blog came back with great event notice!

Dr. David M Houge

Dr. David M Houge

Join Ask a CS Pro: Fireworks CS5 session with David M. Hogue on Wed, Oct 20th at 13:00 – 14:00 PDT.
This is free online session via Adobe Connect. You can join from this link:

Fireworks is an important tool in the daily workflow of many designers and developers, but many of us do not take advantage of all of the powerful features available. If you are new to Fireworks, just upgraded from an older version, a developer who uses it for image slicing and optimization, or a designer who uses other tools and wants to know what Fireworks is all about, join us for an interactive online discussion where we will highlight some of the new features and lesser known features of Fireworks. We will also show some techniques for using Fireworks effectively and efficiently, and there will be a Q&A session to share information, hints, and tips.

Continue reading…

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May 28, 2010

Fireworks CS5 post-launch news

We’ve posted a new mobile workflows article on the Adobe Developer Connection featuring Fireworks CS5 and Adobe Device Central. Liz Myers, mobile and web-based application specialist, walks you through some very cool techniques for previewing your work on mobile devices that will inspire you to try it yourself. Her article is full of screen shots and includes 3 video demos.
Update: Jim Babbage (@JimBabbage), has written a new free CMX article about FXG 2.0 support in Fireworks CS5, with good general information on FXG workflows.
It is still early, but the CS5 reviews are beginning to trickle in, and I wanted to share a couple of new reviews that we’ve seen for Fireworks CS5:
MacWorld magazine recently completed their review of Adobe Fireworks CS5, awarding it 4.5 mice! Thanks MacWorld!
Smashing Magazine muses over whether it is worth switching to Fireworks CS5. Spolier – it is.
Have you tried Fireworks CS5 yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

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April 29, 2010

Fireworks CS5 is now shipping!

fwicon.jpgAdobe Fireworks CS5 is now shipping!
A fully functioning free 30-day Trial can be downloaded from today. English is available now, French and German will be available on May 6, and the other European languages on May 10. Japanese Trials will be available on May 27.
For an in-depth look at Fireworks CS5, take a look at this article on the Fireworks Developer Center, which covers the new features and many improvements that make this the best version of Fireworks ever!
Fireworks CS5 is also included in these Suites:

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Fireworks CS4 10.0.4 Updater for Mac OS X now available

The Fireworks CS4 10.0.4 Update for Mac OS X is now available. You can get it through the Adobe Update Manager or download it from the Adobe Support website.
This Updater is for Mac only, and fixes all known critical bugs. There is no Windows 10.0.4 updater, because there are no known critical bugs (critical = security, crash or data loss).
The team really would have liked to have gotten this Updater out to you sooner, but it just wasn’t possible before now.

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