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February 2, 2012

Using the generated CSS and Sprites in a jQuery HTML page

In earlier posts, we learnt how to export all swatches and sprites, and export individual swatches/sprites. In this post, we’ll link an entire jQuery CSS along with sprites and link individual swatches to a mobile website.

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January 24, 2012

Generating jQuery CSS and Sprites

In this post let’s generate the jQuery CSS and sprites from the skinned jQuery templates. There are two options available to export the required assets.

  • Export both CSS and sprites at one go.
  • Export Sprites or individual swatch CSS.

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January 20, 2012

Preview the modified jQuery mobile template

Preview your design in a browser before finalizing a design. Individual themes can be previewed in the jQuery mobile theme preview panel. All the swatches created in the template can be previewed at one go using the option to preview in a browser.

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January 11, 2012

Creating a jQuery theme template

The jQuery Mobile theme Skinning feature in Fireworks includes a template with default sprite images and a set of swatches. This extension lets you modify default sprites and swatches in the template. You can create additional swatches by duplicating an existing page and customizing it. The swatch name is inherited from the page name in the exported CSS.

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January 3, 2012

jQuery Mobile Theme Skinning

This blog is the first in series of five blogs dedicated to “jQuery Mobile Theme Skinning”, a new feature in Fireworks CS5 that is part of the CSS3 Mobile Pack extension.

  1. Introduction to jQuery Mobile Theme Skinning extension and jQuery Mobile framework
  2. Creating a new jQuery template
  3. Previewing the jQuery Mobile design
  4. Exporting the design to CSS
  5. Creating a jQuery Mobile webpage in Dreamweaver and using the exported CSS file in the new web page

jQuery Mobile Theme Skinning

The jQuery mobile theme skinning is part of the CSS3 Mobile Pack extension for Fireworks. This extension enables you to create or update the theme of a jQuery Mobile website using Fireworks.

In Fireworks, a template with all the modifiable design aspects for jQuery Mobile is provided. After modifying the themes present in the template, you can preview the look and feel of the themes using an in-app preview or a browser, and export the corresponding CSS code along with the sprite assets.

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May 11, 2011

Math Resize Extension : Matt Stow

Math Resize Extension : Matt Stow

Matt Stow is a web and user interface designer who specialises in designing and developing accessible, standards-compliant websites. From conception to completion, Fireworks and Dreamweaver are his most important companions. Matt is a Fireworks evangelist and can often be found championing its abilities.

His recent invention is Math resize extension.

This extension allow user to resize an object as mathematically. I’s really useful to resize an object exact value without distortion. For example if you create rounded corner rectangle resize object via scale tool, the corner will be distorted. You need to use 9-slice scale tool to avoid problem or simply type exact value in PI W, H field. However, using this extension, it will help you to simple calculation to resize object.

Give it a try!


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April 28, 2011

Create Multiple Animated AD-Banners In A Breeze : – Learn from Professional

Create Multiple Animated AD-Banners In A Breeze

Mikko Vartio is web designer / web developer and one of the top Fireworks user. His web site provide great tips and techniques for Fireworks. GIF banner Ads is commonly used and could increase usage since iOS does not support one of Adobe’s technology.

By the way,  Fireworks rename Frame palette to States Panel in order to align same concept with Flex platform. However, you can still use State panel as exactly same way to create animated GIF. We can learn efficient way to create multiple size of Ad-banner from this tutorial.

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April 27, 2011

Export Text Command Panel Extension : 3 REVOLUTIONS

Export Text Command Panel Extension : 3 REVOLUTIONS

Mariano Ferrario creates new extension that enable to extract text from the Fireworks document to **.txt or **.cvs file.  This is simple but powerful tool enable to extract just text. It would be improve production workflow also, spec updating workflow. It works with 2bytes text too without problem.

You can access to the Panel from Window > Export Text after install this extension.

Also please check out previous Annotation Command Panel Extension. Using Adobe InDesign to spec writing and using Fireworks for wireframe and prototype will much productive with this tool.

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April 26, 2011

“9 Tooltip styles” : webportio – Learn from Professional

New contents : 9 Tooltip styles

Jiri Plistil creates awesome cutting edge graphics and let us download Fireworks Source file. Thus, you can learn from professional design how great web designer creates contents using Fireworks.

The design contents for Webportio is provided by

  • Dave Hogue
  • Henrik Juhl
  • Jiri Brezovsky
  • Jiri Plistil
  • Marek Levák
  • Mikko Vartio
  • Pavel Kout
  • Vitor Reis
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April 13, 2011

Want to Learn how to work with Fireworks? BYOL Lab

Fire on the Bay Logo

Bring your own laptop to learn from professional!

Host: Dave Hogue, Luke Kilpatrick
Date: April 19th, 2011 at 7:00 PM (PST)
Location: Adobe San Francisco Office, 601 Townsend St San Francisco, CA


Dave is going to show you how to do 9-Slice Scaling, setting up Fireworks Graphics for use in Flash Catalyst and more. If you do not own CS5 please install the 30-day trial of Web Production CS5 from so you can follow along.


Sign up to register from here:

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