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May 28, 2010

Fireworks CS5 post-launch news

We’ve posted a new mobile workflows article on the Adobe Developer Connection featuring Fireworks CS5 and Adobe Device Central. Liz Myers, mobile and web-based application specialist, walks you through some very cool techniques for previewing your work on mobile devices that will inspire you to try it yourself. Her article is full of screen shots and includes 3 video demos.
Update: Jim Babbage (@JimBabbage), has written a new free CMX article about FXG 2.0 support in Fireworks CS5, with good general information on FXG workflows.
It is still early, but the CS5 reviews are beginning to trickle in, and I wanted to share a couple of new reviews that we’ve seen for Fireworks CS5:
MacWorld magazine recently completed their review of Adobe Fireworks CS5, awarding it 4.5 mice! Thanks MacWorld!
Smashing Magazine muses over whether it is worth switching to Fireworks CS5. Spolier – it is.
Have you tried Fireworks CS5 yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

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