FlasCC 1.0 Released

The Adobe Flash C++ Compiler (FlasCC) is a new tool chain that allows game developers to take native games and game engines for PCs, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and iOS and compile them to run directly on the web across browsers on over 1.3 billion connected PCs using Adobe Flash Player.

FlasCC 1.0 was officially released today as part of the Game Developer tools in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Download the FlasCC SDK as part of a Creative Cloud subscription.

If you have questions about the FlasCC SDK check out the FlasCC community forums.

Also check out these other game developer tools that shipped today:

Adobe Scout – an advanced profiling tool designed to help you optimize performance of your SWF content.

The Adobe Gaming SDK – a simple starting point for creating ActionScript-based games using popular open source 2D and 3D frameworks (Starling, Feathers, and Away3D).

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