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FlasCC 1.0.1 Released

FlasCC 1.0.1 has been released containing fixes for some commonly experienced bugs.
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Porting a C++/OpenGL game to run in the browser

The Flash C++ Compiler (FlasCC) was designed to allow C/C++ developers to deliver existing C/C++ codebases via a web browser using the Flash Player. One common use case is to port an existing game written in C++ and OpenGL. The FlasCC engineering team has taken a popular C++/OpenGL game called Neverball and ported it to the web. This post demonstrates the game running in multiple web browsers and provides links to resources that will help you learn how to port your C++/OpenGL game to the web.
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Using printf within a SWC

A SWF built with gcc/g++ using the -emit-swf option has a default Console that prints stdout into a TextField on the screen (and to the Flash log file). However when you build a C/C++ library into a SWC using the -emit-swc flag there is no default Console. This means that if code in your library calls printf() no output will be shown. This post demonstrates how to use a custom Console to show the output of printf() calls from within a SWC.
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Troubleshooting Error #1065

This post explains why you might see error #1065 when creating a SWF or SWC in FlasCC.
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Operating on ActionScript objects in C++

FlasCC allows you to create a SWC file from a C++ library. This is useful if you have an existing ActionScript project and want to add some logic that is already written in C++. This post demonstrates how you can operate on ActionScript objects that were passed as parameters into functions of a C++ library.
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FlasCC 1.0 Released

The Adobe Flash C++ Compiler (FlasCC) is a new tool chain that allows game developers to take native games and game engines for PCs, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and iOS and compile them to run directly on the web across browsers on over 1.3 billion connected PCs using Adobe Flash Player.
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Debugging multi-threaded FlasCC applications with gdb

Multi-threaded C/C++ applications that use the pthread library can be compiled with FlasCC to run in Flash Player 11.5 (or newer). This post demonstrates how to use gdb to debug multi-threaded FlasCC applications.
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Using multiple FlasCC SWCs in a Flash project

FlasCC allows you to compile C and C++ libraries into SWCs that can be dropped into any Flash project. This post demonstrates how you can include multiple FlasCC SWCs in an ActionScript project.
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Welcome to the FlasCC Team Blog

This blog is maintained by the engineering team behind Adobe’s Flash C++ Compiler which is known as FlasCC (pronounced like “flask”).  FlasCC is the released product of Project Alchemy that was once on Adobe Labs.

This blog features tips and sample code that should be useful for people using FlasCC.  Learn more about FlasCC and other Adobe Gaming technologies here.