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Finding multi-threading bugs with gdb

Multi-threading is a useful tool, but programs that use multiple threads are susceptible to types of bugs that cannot occur in single threaded programs. Race conditions can exist when multiple threads access the same data concurrently. Synchronization primitives, like mutexes and condition variables, are useful in avoiding race conditions, but can cause other problems when used incorrectly. In particular, a deadlock can occur when several threads are competing for the same mutexes in such a way that none of the threads can proceed. This post demonstrates how to use gdb to find deadlocks and similar threading bugs in FlasCC programs.
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Using configure scripts with FlasCC

FlasCC supports the use of configure scripts to aid in building cross-platform C and C++ libraries for use in Flash-based projects. This post will show how FlasCC is able to build the Expat XML parser library using Expat’s GNU build system-generated configure script.
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Debugging multi-threaded FlasCC applications with gdb

Multi-threaded C/C++ applications that use the pthread library can be compiled with FlasCC to run in Flash Player 11.5 (or newer). This post demonstrates how to use gdb to debug multi-threaded FlasCC applications.
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Using multiple FlasCC SWCs in a Flash project

FlasCC allows you to compile C and C++ libraries into SWCs that can be dropped into any Flash project. This post demonstrates how you can include multiple FlasCC SWCs in an ActionScript project.
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Welcome to the FlasCC Team Blog

This blog is maintained by the engineering team behind Adobe’s Flash C++ Compiler which is known as FlasCC (pronounced like “flask”).  FlasCC is the released product of Project Alchemy that was once on Adobe Labs.

This blog features tips and sample code that should be useful for people using FlasCC.  Learn more about FlasCC and other Adobe Gaming technologies here.