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Porting a C++/OpenGL game to run in the browser

The Flash C++ Compiler (FlasCC) was designed to allow C/C++ developers to deliver existing C/C++ codebases via a web browser using the Flash Player. One common use case is to port an existing game written in C++ and OpenGL. The FlasCC engineering team has taken a popular C++/OpenGL game called Neverball and ported it to the web. This post demonstrates the game running in multiple web browsers and provides links to resources that will help you learn how to port your C++/OpenGL game to the web.
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Bringing OpenGL C/C++ code to the web with FlasCC

Stage3D allows GPU accelerated 3D content to run in the Flash Player accross operating systems and browsers. We have a number of interesting libraries that will help you bring your OpenGL C/C++ code to the web with FlasCC.
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