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Flash Catalyst CS5.5 is here!


See how you can use a new efficient workflow to

  • Collaborate intelligently and roundtrip files with developers who use Adobe Flash Builder 4.5
  • Rapidly prototype user interfaces for resizable Flex based websites and applications with new components.
  • Craft more precise and expressive transitions and effects, and efficiently design developer-built custom components.

For an overview of what’s new check out Flash Catalyst CS5.5 on

Or head over to the Adobe Developer Center for more info, including:

An introduction to Flash Catalyst CS5.5, by Jacob Surber, Flash Catalyst product manager.

The new Flash Catalyst CS5.5/Flash Builder 4.5 workflow

Wireframing and prototyping in Flash Catalyst CS5.5

Importing artwork in Flash Catalyst CS5.5

Free trials will be available within 30 days on