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Getting in touch

Want to build Flash Platform applications for mobile devices, phones, and touch pads? If you have access to a tablet running Windows 7 (like a an HP TouchSmart) or a MacBook with multi-touch trackpad, you can start building multi-touch applications NOW (mobile runtimes are coming soon!). You can build interactive, touch-sensitive applications for users who need to rotate, swipe, touch, tap, or otherwise interact with their devices by touching them. New ActionScript 3.0 API are available in Beta release for touch event handling and multi-touch gesturing. Gestures include interaction such as a multi-finger swipe across the screen, or two finger rotation, or pinch.

Get started here:

And view these great demos here:

The ActionScript 3.0 Reference including the new API (start with the flash.ui.Multitouch class) is here:

Participate in our effort to publicize great demo apps and learn from the community of ActionScript developers by providing cookbook recipes here:

Or make up one of your own and add it to the cookbook! When you do, come back to this blog and let us know and we’ll help publicize it.

When runtimes for testing these applications on phones and mobile devices are available, we’ll let you know right here in this blog.

Contribute to Adobe Cookbooks and see your name in lights (or at least in Adobe documentation)

Have you checked out the re-designed Adobe Cookbooks? They’re a great place to find sample code to jump start a project you’re working on, or to share something fun and interesting you’ve developed.

For Flash Player 10.1, we’re using the new recipe request feature to get as many code examples as possible into the documentation. Now that the beta is available on Labs, you can start experimenting with some of the new ActionScript APIs.

Windows, Macintosh, and Linux are posted, and a beta for Palm webOS is expected later this year. You can sign up on Labs to be notified when the Palm Pre beta is available.

A recipe request is just a short idea for a code example; your solution can be as concise and creative as you like. We’ve posted a few so far and we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks. For the full list of 10.1 beta recipes and requests, filter on the tag “Flash Player 10.1 Beta.”

When you respond with useful examples for Flash Player 10.1, we’ll include your name and code in the official Adobe documentation. (OK, it’s not quite rock star status, but should at least count for guru points with your fellow developers.) Contributors are recognized on Adobe Cookbooks, and your answer might be featured in the Adobe Developer Connection.

You can also influence the documentation by voting up the beta recipe requests you most want to see, or by entering recipe requests of your own and tagging them “Flash Player 10.1 Beta.”

But why not go for the glory? Grab a recipe request and start coding today.