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Success of Party Booth

Looking for a cool way to capture guest photos at his wedding that wouldn’t break the bank, John Wu spent three days using Flash Builder 4 developing a cross-platform, on-demand interactive photo application. The app captured candid moments that  professional photographers might have missed.   At the wedding reception John’s guests simply posed in front of the webcam and hit the spacebar to capture a strip of four images that they either printed or posted to social networks.   Feedback from his friends encouraged John to fully develop and market his now professional-level photo party utility and name it Party Booth.   To help with the distribution John turned to Adobe Flash Platform Services for help.

Using our new Melrose service, John was able to go from a few family and friends purchasing Party Booth to as many as 12,000 downloads a day and boosted his revenue tenfold.  For John this allowed him to do what does best, continue to evolve Party Booth.

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Adobe and Intel Let Developers Reach Millions, Make Money

Adobe and Intel today announced plans to enable developers to distribute and monetize Adobe AIR applications and games. Developers can use Adobe’s new distribution service, code-named Melrose, to place their apps on the Intel AppUp Center. AppUp currently targets netbooks and consumer laptops, with plans to extend AppUp support to additional devices.

Melrose can help developers:

  • Reach millions of consumers with free or paid apps on multiple stores
  • Make money through paid apps
  • Simplify the publishing process
  • Streamline application management

Here is a screen shot on how an AIR app is listed on the Intel AppUp Center using Melrose. To start using Melrose, visit Adobe Labs.

Melrose public beta now available on Labs

We are delighted to announce that Melrose is available as public beta. For those of you who are not familiar with Melrose, Melrose enables developers and publishers to distribute and make money with Adobe® AIR® applications through application stores. Melrose enables application distribution to multiple stores so that publishers can reach millions of users. Intel AppUp Center and the Adobe AIR Marketplace are the first two storefronts available in Melrose. Starting today, you can download the Melrose SDK and access the Melrose Portal to distribute your applications.

Melrose provides value to developers and publishers by helping them:

  • Get to a broader audience through multiple storefronts
  • Publish to multiple storefronts faster
  • Streamline ongoing management of published apps

For more information visit Melrose page on Adobe Labs.

We have seen a lot of excitement around Melrose as well as feedback. Please tell your friends about Melrose and keep the feedback coming.