AIR Recipes: Tips and Tricks for AIR Application Development

The Adobe Developer Connection site has a really good tool for finding handy tips and tricks for AIR application development: the Adobe AIR Cookbook. If you’re familiar with the O’Reilly Cookbook Series, the AIR Cookbook is the same idea (in fact, it’s done in partnership with O’Reilly). Rather than trying to teach the fundamentals of programming for AIR, or providing an API reference, the AIR Cookbook contains ready-made solutions for common AIR application development problems.

For example, if you just discovered that the differences in native window chrome across operating systems is affecting your application content, then you might want to read this. Or if you have a datagrid with a column of checkboxes and you want users to be able to check or uncheck all the checkboxes at once, you’ll probably want to consider this solution. Wondering about using a TCP socket from JavaScript so you can leverage a protocol not directly supported in AIR? Then check this out.

Recipes are submitted by AIR developers building real-world AIR applications which means they provide practical solutions to actual problems. Each recipe contains code snippets, so the solution to your problem might be as easy as copying and pasting a function or two, or you might just use a recipe as a hint to help you figure out how to solve your problem on your own.

You can also use the AIR Cookbook as a source of inspiration. For instance, maybe you never thought of adding undo and redo to your AIR application, or storing ActionScript objects in the Encrypted Local Store. If the code is already written and just waiting to be incorporated into your application, why not give it a try?

Anyone can post recipes, so if you have a favorite technique that you want to share with the world, please feel free to contribute. Recipes support comments, so you can contribute to existing posts, and you can even subscribe to the AIR Cookbook RSS feed to catch new recipes as they come in.

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