Application mashups on Adobe AIR

One of the best things about attending Adobe MAX is that you get to see some of the technology experiments that Adobe is conducting. The sneaks this year included a really cool new project called Durango that is now available on Adobe Labs. Durango is a framework that allows developers to build AIR applications that can be customized by end users. It allows developers, designers and end-users to easily mashup independent components to create new applications or extend existing Durango-enable applications.

Developers need to download the Durango SDK in order to use the Durango framework. The SDK also includes several sample applications . Durango enabled applications are delivered as AIR (.air) files which end users install. These applications incorporate the Durango framework. The team is requesting your feedback on this Labs release to as they continue to develop the features and capabilities of Durango.

For more details, please visit the Durango page and review the FAQ on Adobe Labs.

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