Meet the Adobe AIR Team at MAX in San Francisco

Members of our team will be at our MAX conference from November 16th – 19th in San Francisco. Some of us will be presenting sessions including Oliver Goldman and Ethan Malasky while others will be helping to TA classes and answering questions at the Adobe booth.

On Monday, November 17th, there will be a "Meet the AIR team" session at MAX beginning at 9:30PM in room 2002. Members of our team will be present to answer any questions you might have related to AIR. If you’re planning on attending MAX, please be sure to stop by and introduce yourself — we’re eager to meet AIR developers in person!

MAX is really shaping up to be an amazing conference this year with record attendance numbers. If you have not purchased a ticket to MAX in San Francisco yet, it’s not too late to buy a pass. It’s a great way to network with other developers and designers, meet Adobe employees and learn about trends and technologies related to our industry. There will also be "sneak peaks" of technology Adobe is working on.

There are dozens of sessions covering Adobe AIR and related technologies including:

  • Building High-Performance Applications for Adobe AIR by Oliver Goldman (AIR team)
  • Maintaining security with Adobe AIR by Ethan Malasky and Peleus Uhley (AIR team)
  • Making Money with Adobe AIR by Grant Skinner
  • Building Desktop Applications Powered by Dojo and Adobe AIR by Dylan Schiemann
  • Adobe AIR Boot Camp by Duane Nickull (Adobe platform evangelist)
  • Breathe AIR into Your Brand by Lee Brimelow (Adobe platform evangelist)
  • Optimizing Adobe AIR for Code Execution, Memory, and Rendering by Sean Christmann
  • Adobe AIR Core Concepts for Developers Who Use Flash by Kevin Hoyt (Adobe platform evangelist)
  • Introduction to Adobe AIR: Building Your First Application by Rich Tretola
  • Liberate Your Data with Adobe AIR, BlazeDS, and LiveCycle Data Services by Christophe Coenraets (Adobe platform evangelist)
  • Developing Rich Applications with jQuery and Adobe AIR by Ed Finkler
  • Build a Database-Enabled AIR Application with Dreamweaver, PHP, and Ajax by David Gassner

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