Sam’s Interactive Reader for children powered by Adobe AIR

The team at Storybook Anytime has recently released several major updates to their popular Sam’s Interactive Reader, a child-safe, downloadable application that allows children to discover the fun of reading and learning through interactive media. The application includes a growing catalogue of interactive content for children ranging from three to nine years old. Content is priced anywhere from free to $2.99 and can be purchased through the embedded shopping cart. It’s possible to purchase gift cards through the website. Recently, the team localized its interactive content to Spanish as well.

From a development standpoint, there are many ways the team behind this application interacts with their user community. In addition to having a Facebook application called Sam’s Fish Bowl that synchronizes data with their AIR application, the development team also maintains a blog and a Twitter account. Also, the team provides its library free of charge to pre-schools, libraries and elementary schools. Congratulations to the Storybook Anytime team for their recent releases! The application, powered by Adobe AIR, can be downloaded from the Sam’s Interactive Reader website.


Sam’s room is the launching point to other parts of the application such as activities, interactive stories and the catalogue.


The catalogue is where users find new content to purchase and download.


"There’s a Fish in My Bathtub!" features colorful images and audio.


The application supports for gift cards that can be purchased through the website.

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