Adobe AIR 1.5.1 Released

Today we released Adobe AIR 1.5.1, a relatively minor update that includes a number of bug fixes. The new builds are available for Windows, Mac and Linux on the Adobe AIR download center.

Oliver Goldman, a member of the AIR engineering team, posted a blog entry titled "Using InvokeEvent.reason in AIR 1.5.1" that describes a new API that was also added. If you have built an AIR application that launches at startup, you may want to check out Oliver’s overview of how this feature works.

You do not need to recompile your application to take advantage of the 1.5.1 improvements. However, if you want to take advantage of the new APIs introduced in this release you will need to update your application descriptor to 1.5.1 (see New APIs section of the release notes) and recompile your application.

If you have any feedback about the release, please feel free to leave a comment below. Currently, our blog is configured so that comments must be first approved, but we do our best to approve comments as quickly as possible. We hope to change this soon once we can better tune our spam filtering system.

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13 Responses to Adobe AIR 1.5.1 Released

  1. Ryan says:

    When I click on a link in an Air app (like Twhirl, for instance), it tries to open the URL in TextMate, my text editor. I assume this is because I have the .html file type associated with the text editor (I do web programming/design).

    Is there any fix for this behavior? It severely reduces the usability of Air apps for me.

    I’m using Mac OS 10.5.6, with Firefox 3 as default browser. I’ve looked for this among the Known Issues list, and there’s a similar one reporting wrong browser opening for Vista, but not a match that I can find.

  2. Maik says:

    Thanks for the info.
    I have just installed AIR 1.5.1. When I check the version of the “Adobe AIR.dll” file it shows Version

    Using the command “NativeApplication.nativeApplication.runtimeVersion” still shows version “” is installed…

    Weired, either the application is not using the right version or this is an issues in AIR itself where the new version has not been maintained…


  3. peter says:

    you must updare AIR SDK also , check instruction in Adobe AIR 1.5.1 Developer and User Release Notes

  4. How do we update the other installs of the SDK inside Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, or (Aptana)?


  5. @Ryan: This is a bug. I have reported this back to our team. Thank you for letting us know.

    @Maik: Were you seeing this in the installed version of the application or from launching it using the SDK? As Peter mentioned, you need to update the SDK if you are developing the application yourself.

    – Rob, AIR Team

  6. @Rob: We have an AIR app that runs on Amazon’s EC2 which is crucial to Scrapblog. Can our engineers talk to you? Please email us.

    Carlos, Scrapblog

  7. Bhavesh says:

    How to find installed version of AIR in MAC OS?
    What is the GUID key of Adobe AIR?

  8. magomarcelo says:

    AIR-related features in my Flex Builder Linux Alpha are KO, any suggestion for a workaround or revert to previous version?

  9. Maik says:

    Thanks for the response and the helpful hint!
    My fault, I forgot to update the AIR SDK…

    – Maik

  10. Stephen Buckley says:

    Same as Chris Griffith,

    How do we update Flash CS4?
    The current updater Flash-10.0.1 seems to be Air 1.5 judging by the release date.

    Please either update the other application installers so Flash, Dreamweaver et al. are in sync or post manual instructions on how to install the new SDK.

    I think I have an issue in flash where Air Framework has installed itself via an update an now the CS4 debugger no longer launches since its looking for Air 1.5

  11. JK Wood says:

    Hey guys, I was glad to see some justification of why rpm or deb is needed for installing the Air framework. I’d like to offer my help in adding the option for installing natively on Slackware as well. It’s no more complicated than the other two platforms, and may even be easier. Feel free to contact me using my email address for more information.


  12. PiterKokoniz says:

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  13. Robert Broze says:

    Where can I download Adobe Air 1.5.1 or a version that will work with Mac OS 10.4.11 on a 1 GHz PowerBook