Adobe AIR + Netflix API + Dojo Toolkit = Queued Movie Manager

SitePen announced an impressive new technology demonstration called Queued that showcases what’s possible when you combine the new Netflix API with the Dojo Toolkit and Adobe AIR.

Queued is a desktop application built on AIR that offers some of the functionality available on the Netflix website including support for search for and prioritizing your movie queue, but also adds new capabilities such as allowing you to view and manage your queue while offline (a synchronization engine updates your queue when you’re back online). In addition, since this application runs in the background, you can receive popup notifications when Netflix receives or sends you new movies. The source code is available on Google and can also be accessed directly from within the application as well. This application, built using JavaScript, takes advantage of the Dojo Extensions library for Adobe AIR built by SitePen.

For more information, be sure to check out Revin Guillen’s blog post and watch the video demonstration below (if you’re a Netflix customer, be sure to download the application too!). Congratulations to the SitePen team for pulling off another stunning AIR application!

6 Responses to Adobe AIR + Netflix API + Dojo Toolkit = Queued Movie Manager

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