Building Rich Enterprise Applications with Adobe AIR


Adobe evangelist Christophe Coenraets recorded a very impressive demonstration (see below) of a sample application he built using Adobe AIR and Flex. The sample application, called Salesbuilder, demonstrates many powerful features including:

  • telephone integration directly within the application using Ribbit (requires an account)
  • simulated data synchronization between a local and remote database
  • local database encryption
  • rich data visualizations including a new calendar component from ILog and an org chart view made possible with Kapit Visualizer
  • drag and drop support between Salesbuilder and Word/Excel

The application is available for install at the bottom of his blog post.

4 Responses to Building Rich Enterprise Applications with Adobe AIR

  1. Kunal says:

    Just saw your SalesBuilder app presentation and have to say its really cool.
    Interestingly, I am attempting to build something similar for our Sales Team where they can have a desktop AIR widget to pull information from Siebel Local database in disconnected mode. Can you provide me some high level info as to how this can be achieved? Not sure if its possible to connect to a local database (other than SQLite) using Flex.
    Thanks much!

    Regards, Kunal

  2. Paul Tran says:

    Would be interesting to build an AIR version of our software called WebStorm. Adobe is already using WebStorm to collect ideas for

    Wondering if I can chat with someone at Adobe who would want to partner on this project?

    Paul Tran

  3. Satpal says:

    Frank Nimphius and Jobinesh Purushothaman is coming to Bangalore this April at Great Indian Developer Summit 2010 ( to to show how JavaServer Faces can be used to build compelling Ajax user interfaces for Web Services models giving end users a comfortable working environment that includes client side validation and user interface customization.

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