New York Times Reader 2.0 Launches on Adobe AIR

The New York Times launched at update to its Times Reader application built using Adobe AIR, Flex and the new Adobe Text Layout Framework. Rob Larson, VP of Digital Productions at, wrote an excellent blog post introducing the new version of the application last Friday. Unlike previous versions of the application, in addition to running on Windows, Times Reader 2.0 also runs Mac and Linux. Some of the key features of this application include:

  • Automatic content updates throughout the day
  • Access to articles whether you are online or offline
  • Unique browsing interface for simple article navigation using just the cursor keys
  • Access to the last seven days of news stories and the New York Times interactive crossword puzzle
  • Dynamic layout that adjusts to the size of your screen and feels like a real newspaper

Existing home delivery subscribers get access to Times Reader 2.0 at no cost. If you are not a home delivery subscriber, access to the front page is free, but full access can be purchased for $3.45 per week.

Adobe teams had the opportunity to collaborate with the on this project including the Adobe XD team. There is a behind-the-scenes video that includes interviews with a few of the people that helped work on the application.

Be sure to download the application and check out the video overview that highlights some of the key features.


11 Responses to New York Times Reader 2.0 Launches on Adobe AIR

  1. Grace says:


    We are looking up a map of New York.
    Will we show me how to get to New York
    on the Map?


  2. barbara Pope says:

    Have been trying every link I can find and always get to a pge that says the requested URLwas not found on the server. tried both safari and foxfire.

    Any suggestions?

  3. I am seeing the same thing and have reported the issue. It may be that the server is down for a bit.

  4. @Barbara – The website appears to be back up now.

  5. digitalage says:

    I really like the Adobe air NY times reader. I didn’t like 1.0 so much but 2.0 is much faster and easier to use. I use NY times for my mainstream news and to read non-mainstream business news.

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