Pandora Releases Premium App Powered by Adobe AIR


Last week, Pandora announced a new premium service known as Pandora One that includes a new desktop application powered by Adobe AIR. As a subscriber to Pandora One, users have access to not only a beautiful desktop application but also higher quality streaming and an extended interaction timeout period (up to five hours!). Also, since it is a premium service, advertisements are not displayed within the desktop or browser-based players.

If you are an audiophile
and love the personalized mixes served up by Pandora, this is an application you should definitely check out. Currently, a one year subscription costs $36/year. One feature I particularly like is that notifications appear as overlays that fade in and out as a new song starts. However, the higher quality music (192Kbps!) significantly enhances the listening experience over the standard web player version. Congratulations to the team at Pandora that developed this application!

It is exciting to see companies like Pandora and the New York Times provide subscription services that are delivered to the desktop using Adobe AIR.
If you have shipped or are working on a premium application that you are charging your users for, please leave a comment and let us know. We’d really like to hear what you are working on.

For more details, be sure to check out the Pandora One page.

4 Responses to Pandora Releases Premium App Powered by Adobe AIR

  1. This is a test comment.

  2. nyke says:

    hello, and thank you for your time and assistance!

    i recently subscribed to pandora and love the service, thank you so much for making this possible with adobe air!

    adobe air has been requesting my password to update. i read about an adobe virus spread to macs so instead i updated my mac, uninstalled air, and then reinstalled it with the latest version.

    it’s again asking for a password to update, even though it has the latest version. or did i miss something?

    thanks again for your help!

    be the light you seek…

  3. I really wish they still offered a free version of the download, so it didn’t pull so much browser memory, I’ll have to stick with playing it from the iPhone now.

  4. greg says:

    Adobe is booming, really love your softwares.