Updates Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex Updates Toolkit for Adobe Flex and AIR


Ryan Marples of announced on the developer blog that an update is available to the Toolkit for Adobe Flex and AIR. This toolkit is designed from the ground up to make it easy to build engaging applications with Flex and Adobe AIR that, for example, allow users to access their data and business processes when they are offline. published a tutorial titled Taking Salesforce Data Offline Using Adobe AIR that describes how to build an AIR application that interfaces with using this toolkit.

From the Toolkit for Adobe Flex and AIR wiki:

With the toolkit, Flex developers now have direct access to the Web services API, allowing the easy creation of new user experiences and web applications that connect directly to’s database, logic and workflow capabilities. And using the Adobe AIR component in the toolkit, information from can automatically be made available offline, allowing developers to extend their applications with offline and desktop applications.

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