Easy Task Management With Colabolo


Colabolo is a powerful new task management application powered by Adobe AIR that allows team members to easily track their tasks. The tool is designed with collaboration in mind. Tasks can be easily delegated to team members using an email client-like interface.

Some of the features include:

  • A dashboard that allows you to quickly view status and analyze data using charts and project statistics
  • Push notifications that provide real-time updates to team members
  • Real-time commenting between team members
  • Drag and drop files to share assets within the team
  • Support for custom workflows to match an organization’s business process or work style

For more information on Colabolo’s features, check out the product feature tour or download the application yourself. The application is currently free while in beta, but will, according to the website, cost $9.99/user/month once it is officially released. Congratulations to the Colabolo team for getting their beta release out the door!

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