HTC Hero: The first Android device with Flash

Adrian Ludwig from Adobe shared some very exciting news when he recently demoed Flash Player running inside of the new HTC Hero web browser. This makes the HTC Hero the first Android smartphone with Flash. There is a press release that provides some additional information on the announcement. You may be thinking — will Adobe AIR run on Android in the future? We are not making any announcements, but if this is something you would like to see, please drop us a comment below or through our feedback form.

173 Responses to HTC Hero: The first Android device with Flash

  1. Brent Norris says:

    Aloha Adrian, great demo. This will most likely be my next phone.

    I think our Flash piece on our homepage might work nicely with that device…

  2. steve w says:

    Hey! Did I see multitouch gestures in that video? That was pretty cool. (Of course flash support is also very cool.)


  3. Marc Englund says:

    Yes, I would like AIR to run on Android. In fact, I’ve been thinking that having a mobile AIR version running on Android, WebOS, S60/Nokia and the iPhone (if possible) would very much be a killer application.

    Nokia has WRT and WebOS is a web runtime, but having a standard API that also works on the desktop would be killer!

    Apparently Appcelerator has realized this as well, with the upcoming mobile version of Titanium.

    Best Regards,

  4. Emiliano Armellin says:

    Yes! I’ll love to see AIR on android phone (and maybe Palm Pre and iPhone and Nokia)
    It could make the difference 🙂

    Regardless, Htc Hero is a very interesting product.

  5. James E says:

    AIR is a must on Android! Get it on there!

  6. Sachin says:

    I am eagerly waiting for adobe air to launch in India….

  7. Sachin says:

    sorry ..waiting for HTC Hero

  8. Brian A. Thomas says:

    I would love to see AIR on Android. Then the TweetDeck team could get it on Android… and I have a program I wish I could make (if I had more programming skills) that I would like to be able to have on Android as well as PC and other AIR clients.
    Please bring it on… of course some of that depends on if they could get Flash/AIR on the G1 (HTC Dream).

  9. Adobe AIR on Android?!!!

    That would be awesome! What are you guys waiting on?!!!

  10. Don Kerr says:

    I would very much like to deploy my Flex apps to mobile devices at NASA via Air!! Looking forward to that day very much, especially for my NASA Applications. Hopefully you’re working on Blackberry plans for Air too!

  11. Albert says:

    Andorid platform is getting more powerful. We would like to license Adobe Air on the Android devices we are building. It is a must. There are some applications that are so important for mobile users already are based on Adobe AIR. Please port it over soon. We like to be a beta user.

  12. NAME: (required) says:

    How well does it play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook?

  13. katherin says:

    I would love to have flash. I just bought my phone and I love the internet with it but I really don’t want to buy the hero just so I can see web pages

  14. David says:

    I have recently started developing with AIR and Flash Lite. It would be great to see AIR on mobiles. I am about to get a new phone and I think I have found it…

  15. this is very cool beans indeed, It’s nice to see mobile devices adopting flash more and more, I a few years ago support was pretty much non-existent.

  16. Rob Segerink says:

    Adobe air on android and chrome os ? Yes please!

  17. taa says:

    AIR on Android? Absolutely would love to see AIR apps on my G1!

  18. Louis Muloka says:

    Adobe AIR on Android would definitely be great!

  19. mati says:

    forget the iphone! got the new htc hero and it is great, works fantastic…. and apps are so much better and faster @ android! sold my iphone last week!

    but please please please make an air environment for the android system, i m using air apps the hole day, but i found no way yet to bring them on my hero….

    thank you in advance adobeteam…;-)
    greetings from frankfurt

  20. Mike Baker says:

    Would love to see AIR on Andriod, extend the reach of AIR runtime.

  21. PR says:

    Just another vote for “yes”. The mobile world is changing pretty quickly, and while there are tools to help, you’re still often stuck developing differently for different device OS’s. I’d love to see AIR be a baseline option across devices.

    Android is a compelling place to start…

  22. RockinRocky says:

    I have the myTouch3G from T-Mobile, and I REALLY need it to have Flash/AIR support!! There are quite a number of sites that I use for finances, updating my band info, etc…. that require Flash, and since an ‘auto over air update’ to the Android OS 1.6, (donut), several of these sites no longer work. So, please bring Flash/AIR support to Android, I like this phone and do not really want to switch, since it’s brand new!

  23. Hansen says:

    I have mortgaged my company’s future by developing our product line in AIR. We need to shift soon to the mobile arena and Adobe AIR better be available and soon.

  24. Inxentas says:

    AIR on Android? That would be so great. Especially considering Android already supports SQLite 3. Having AIR to generate graphics, and SQLite for our databases needs, we could really make some killer apps. I hope this boat will float!

  25. Acts7 says:


  26. Joshua says:

    Yes, please add AIR to Android. I cannot stress how cool and useful this would be. Not to mention it would thrust Adobe directly into the phone market, and not just indirectly via web pages…

    Win – win all across the board.

  27. Rajan Mariappan says:

    “YES”, please add it.I am waiting for it!

  28. David Moeremans says:

    YES!! Of course I would like to see Air on my Android HTC Hero!
    Not only would that bring some of my favorite apps to my phone, but also make it possible for me to develop apps that have the same mobile as desktop experience…
    I already love the flash support!

  29. audreyr says:

    Yes, please, AIR on Android would be wonderful.

  30. Ian Parr says:

    Be great to see Air on Android devices – not sure about the lower (processor and memory) powered cell phone devices such as the Hero though.
    Air being a bit of a resource hog, I’d be concerned about the user experience and any adverse effect on other applications.

  31. skip says:

    Plese bring AIR to Android!

  32. Glenn says:

    Please bring AIR to Android!

  33. Air on android would be EPIC! Tweetdeck would be freaking sweet on my new Hero.

  34. John McK says:

    Oh yeah. Android needs to breath, give it some AIR

  35. Would love to see air running on Android.

  36. matias says:

    YES, Air and Android is a killer!!!! please bring it on!!!

  37. Atif says:

    need AIR on Android htc g1. AIR should be able to have access to android API’s.

  38. Oliver says:


    Android + Air would be absolutely awesome! and a real killer for the iPhone fanboys out there. plus it’s generally a good USP and closes the gap of the amount of apps available on android vs. the iPhone App Store.

  39. andi caragea says:

    YES, YES, YES!

  40. Espen says:

    Adobe AIR is a great platform so spreading as much as possible would be both ideal for developers and users alike. I think this would lead to better applications and more Flash developers getting into mobile devices.

  41. sedik darping says:

    Hi im very happy to have adove flash air latest version fit on my htc magic

  42. melissa bone says:

    I would like to be able to play bejeweled blitz and farmville via facebook on my HTC tytn II, does anyone know if there is a possibility. If you can manage to get onto the full version of facebook which you would need to to activate the games, then you are asked to upload adobe flash player, and obviously you can’t as windows mobile is not an appropriate operating system. Do you think that this Adobe Air you are all on about is the answer and is the Hero the only phone that has this functionatlity? Any help appreciated.

  43. Matt says:

    Having been using the Hero for the past couple of months, the flash player really doesn’t work that well, certainly not on addicting games and very rarely on other sites with flash content. I get the cannot be played on this device. I was wondering if you guys were going to release an update.

  44. adrian says:

    Hey, I have a HTC magic, love the phone but would love flash on it even more. What’s the chance?

  45. Tom says:

    I have the HTC Hero from Sprint and while some apps do work with flash, they are kinda choppy and then there are some websites that the flash player WILL NOT play at all i just get a flash symbol with a question mark next to it. Please do an upgrade so the phone will have full usablity.

  46. Dan says:

    Please put flash player capabilities on Android!!! Thanks!!!!!

  47. ted ghose says:

    Now in the tablet market, who will be the winner. The device that support flash and acroread. Using latest technology, to flip between ink and led display, during reading of books in 8×11, or watching a map while driving will be a plus. add skype or apps for phone, with speaker, mic and a camera on top is all i want. 0ne usb port (double it up as a charger/dvi out for projecting slide show), and a hole for head phone w/ mic.

    i dont need ipad, as it dont need ipad, as it dont address my needs.

    a linux distro, (android, fedora, ubantu) on a good hardware. add cxoffice and cedega for gamers, will kill all competition.

    add wifi + subscription service to verizon/t-mobile/att for mobile broadband, will close the deal.

    who can do it?

    dont make it look like a brick, let it look like oversize iphone.

    i’ll buy it today, and pay up to $2k.

  48. We need AIR on Android!

  49. Great Demo, can’t wait to see Flash support on my Motorola Droid and I would love to see AIR run on Android.

  50. chadisjackson says:

    I want a flash player for mytouch3ghtc so I can play cool games in watch videos thanks. Help me

  51. stw says:

    AIR on android? +1!

  52. Lester Pruitt says:

    Will there be an upgrade for the HTC Hero to use the full function of the flash player, because its pointless to be limited to certain sites. Please help this is my favorite phone and I wont all the functions that I’m paying for.

  53. Jason says:

    made my first air / android app but I didn’t know it would not work on my devour (1.6). ~~~~aahhh~~~~ now waiting for news on whether or not my devour will updated to 2.2 or not. They need to hurry up, I’m going nuts searching the far reaches of the net for word on the update. Seeing it work on an emulator is just not the same …I guess I’ll go to bed 🙁

  54. kate says:

    Hi, well I have htc magic and my question is if the version the flash player is now aVailable…..thanks!!!!

  55. Victoeia says:

    Simply…let’s please get Flash Player on Androids. Love both…they have to meet.

  56. Jim Carrey says:

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  58. Heath Clara says:

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  59. Is Air now s available for Android Handys?

  60. jstar says:

    great to see flash spread on mobile devices!

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  67. Fewos Mehlan says:

    That´s why I like the HTC Hero. The Apple IPhone doesn´t support Adobe Flash and therefore it is not really suitable for my professional use.

  68. offshore says:

    It is fantastic that HTC Hero with Android OS supports Adobe Flash! I am sure within short time there will be mostly smart mobile phones sold that support Adobe Flash.

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  157. Danika Vogt says:

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