Adobe AIR Support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Today, Apple made Mac OS X Snow Leopard available for purchase. You may be asking: how well does the latest version of Adobe AIR (1.5.2) work with Snow Leopard? Based on our testing and feedback from customers, AIR applications appear to run fine on Snow Leopard. We have encountered one very minor issue that AIR developers may run into:

  • Launching adl with the command ./adl and with the AIR SDK bin directory set as your current directory fails with an error message that the runtime can’t be found. This is easy to avoid, as basically every other form of invocation works: put adl on your path, use a relative path from a different directory, or use an absolute path.

If you encounter any issues with Snow Leopard, we most definitely want to hear about it! Please send us feedback with any details required to reproduce the issue:

36 Responses to Adobe AIR Support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

  1. Dave Wouters says:

    I’m just getting ready to install Snow Leopard, but there’s another thing that has me concerned: Everytime I try to publish an AIR-Package from Flash (CS4) it gives me a prompt:
    “Error creating AIR file”
    “Usage error (incorrect arguments).”
    And it also won’t allow me to create a self-signed certificate (through Flash) as well, stating that:
    “Creating self-signed certificate failed: Invalid country code – US” even though the country is set to it’s default without touching this setting at all.

    There’s another thing that might be considered a bug, and it’s present in all CS4 apps: Dragging an App’s Application frame or window to the top, bottom or sides of the screen doesn’t invoke Space to move the application to another space. Again this bug is also present in AIR as well.

  2. Nate says:

    AIR doesn’t seem well prepared for the gamma change in 1.2 – no one noticed this? My ajax/html app is now *darker* on Mac than on Windows, seems to me like someone hardcoded the Mac gamma value instead of actually looking at the current color profile.

  3. Tom Carlson says:

    Am I the only person getting “‘CGContextSetFontRenderingMode’ is obsolete” errors running from adl?

  4. Brian says:

    I’m also getting a CGContextSetFontRenderingMode’ is obsolete when running adl. Any ideas?

  5. Tom Carlson says:

    I have no idea. I haven’t been able to find anything about it online.

    I submitted it as a bug, using the link up in the post. I also posted about it in the AIR User Forum.

  6. @Dave and Nate – I am checking with our team on these issues.
    @Tom and Brian – We are looking into this issue now and will follow-up.

  7. Tom Carlson says:

    @Rob: Thanks! I posted more detailed info in the forum.

  8. Aili says:

    @Dave – Do you still encounter an error message when you publish an AIR-Package from Flash (CS4)?
    We have done more investigations but we weren’t able to reproduce it on Snow Leopard.

    I sent an email to you and I will appreciate any feedback from your.

  9. Tom Carlson says:

    @Rob and Brian: What little I can find about CGContextSetFontRenderingMode suggests is a WebKit problem. I wonder if there’s some app that Brian and I both have loaded that’s making some change to WebKit? (Yes, I’m guessing here.)

  10. This message can be safely ignored — it is warning and not a weeoe with your application. According to the information I have gathered from our team, this is a message specific to OS X that an underlying OS function that AIR calls will be dropped in a future rev of the Mac OS. This can be safely ignored and we will address this in a future release of AIR. Please let me know if you have additional quesitons.

  11. It seems that my AIR app crashes when loading a PDF into a new Native Window. I’ve installed this app on other non-snow leopard macs and windows XP / Vista and it won’t crash.

  12. Rajdeep Rath says:


    Am deploying an application to mac osx snow leopard. my application is suppose to accept files by drag drop / browse select. it supports mp3 files only. it is suppose to load mp3 files with sound object, and read the id3 data and populate in into data grid. it works fine on windows. mp3 loading does not work on mac. can some one please help. this is urgent. is there a issue with this for mac platform ?

    i basically pass audiofile.nativePath to sound object via new URLREQUEST.

  13. Rajdeep Rath says:

    I have tried all AIR applications available on the internet that deal with mp3 loading and playback. None of them seem to work. This is a universal bug on mac osx Snow Leopard.

  14. Rajdeep Rath says:

    My code does not run on Snow leopard. It runs well on Windows XP, Vista etc:

    I have tried all the forums, Adobe forums, Customer support, Adobe Bug Report but no help.

    Please help

  15. @Rajdeep – We are looking into this. Sorry for the delayed response — much of our team has been out of the office following our MAX conference.

  16. Andrew Turner says:

    Flash CS4 crashes every time I select the “AIR Settings” under the File menu or select “AIr Settings” under Publish Settings.

  17. Ralf says:

    It’s not possible to select a package (eg. iPhoto library) from a native file dialogue (e.g. browseForFolder() )

    Isn’t that a pretty fundamental file handling failure?

    OSX has 3 filetypes now (and for quite some time already); Files, Folders and Packages, and I’d expect any half serious development framework to allow me to select any one of these via a file dialougue.

  18. Currently trying to publish AIR file using Flash CS4 and keep getting the same error message: usage error (incorrect arguments)… noticed that this has been reported above. It works fine in ADL.

    I’m on Mac OSX 10.4.11 – all updates installed on Flash CS4.

    Any help would be great – thank you.

  19. Greg McAusland says:

    In regards to the 26506 error “`CGContextSetFontRenderingMode’ is obsolete” …

    You are saying to simply ignore this warning, but you don’t say HOW to ignore it?

    im trying to test my app with ADL, it throws that error and nothing else happens. The app does not launch.. Am I to assume the only way to test the app is to do a complete package compilation and installation?

    I’ve tried passing -nodebug to adl but that does nothing, the app will not launch because of that error.

  20. Rob Dunford says:

    In SL 10.6.4 Air installer opens but no interface. Checked the languages thing, don’t seem to have that one, only UK english is the selected language. Cannot install BBC IPLAYER. It says hard disc cannot be found.

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  26. 10.6.4 Air installer opens but no interface. Checked the languages thing, don’t seem to have that one, only UK english is the selected language. Cannot install BBC IPLAYER. It says hard disc cannot be found

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    OSX has 3 filetypes now (and for quite some time already); Files, Folders and Packages, and I’d expect any half serious development framework to allow me to select any one of these via a file dialougue

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