Cynergy Systems Demos Adobe AIR 2 Multi-touch Support

Andrew Trice of Cynergy Systems recently wrote a blog post summarizing his experiences building multi-touch applications using Adobe Flex and an early version of Adobe AIR 2. In his post, he shares a number of excellent video demonstrations, code samples and design considerations that developers thinking about multi-touch development may find valuable.

In addition, Dave Wolf, also of Cynergy Systems, wrote a blog post discussing the development of an application for the Adobe MAX keynote. At MAX, Dave recorded a video demonstration of that application from the event floor that I have embedded below.

Lastly, if you are interested in learning more about multi-touch, please be sure to watch Andrew’s talk titled "Multi-touch Development with Adobe Flex" that he presented at Adobe MAX earlier this month.

3 Responses to Cynergy Systems Demos Adobe AIR 2 Multi-touch Support

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