Update to Adobe AIR 1.5.2

Yesterday, updates to Adobe Reader and Acrobat (9.2) were released, which may cause a small number of AIR applications that load PDF content to become unresponsive. This only affects AIR apps on Windows operating systems. To address this issue, we have released an update to Adobe AIR ( that is now available on the Adobe AIR Download Center.

For additional information on this issue, please see the following Adobe Reader TechNote: AIR application not displaying PDF while using Adobe Reader/Acrobat 9.2 on Windows.

10 Responses to Update to Adobe AIR 1.5.2

  1. Simon Osborne says:

    Do you have any plans to fix the segmentation fault errors when installing Air applications on Linux with an AMD processor?


  2. Sammy Brence says:

    Id like to Know when Adobe Air will Work in Linux on AMD Processors as well.


  3. PhilFlash says:


    How to force the download of AIR for Windows (if the user has not this version) ?
    The airversion variable “” has no effect in the badge installer.
    If I use minimumPatchLevel=”8900″, I have an error.
    In French
    “Cette application requiert une mise à jour vers Adobe AIR qui n’est pas disponible pour votre système.”
    “This application requires an update to Adobe AIR which is not available for your system.”
    And for not Windows OS, the subversion must be 8870…

    Any suggestion ?

  4. @Simon and @Sammy: We are investigating this issue now and I have posted a response to the forum. It is unrelated to the AIR update and appears to affect certain types of computers running Linux on AMD Phenom CPU’s.

    @PhilFlash: It will not be possible to force an update to since this build is only publicly available for Windows. In the future, we may add support to force an update for only one platform, but this currently is not possible. However, most users will be automatically updated within two weeks assuming they launch your application. In addition, if any users are impacted by this, you can direct them to download the latest version from http://get.adobe.com/air/.

  5. Sammy Brence says:

    How Long before an AMD Fix. The Whole Purpose of people developing on AIR is the Cross Platform Flexibility. Most Linux users use AMD Processors. My User base for my AIR app are mostly Linux users. And i cant promote it when i got hundreds of people telling me it doesn’t work? it worked up until a couple of releases I rand myself ragged till It happened to me on my non-development machines which are AMD Based.

    May I at least have a ¨Tentative¨ ETA on a fix, so I can get rely this to my folks?

  6. Tony Maro says:

    If we can’t get an AMD fix for Linux, can we at least get access to an older download file that doesn’t include this update?

  7. @Tony – Can you please try downloading the AIR 2 beta now available on Labs? We believe this issue has been addressed in this build: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/air2/


  8. The next release of AIR (version 1.5.3) fixes the AMD Phenom crash on Linux systems.

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  10. Since upgrading Air–I’m on an Intel Macintosh running Snow Leopard–the Twitter client Twhirl is broken and does not work.