Exploring the New Storage Volume APIs in AIR 2

One of the new capabilities that will be available in our upcoming beta release of Adobe AIR 2 will allow developers to build applications that can detect the mounting and unmounting of mass storage devices. What is a mass storage device? Examples of such devices include USB flash drives, hard drives and certain models of MP3 players and cameras such as the popular Flip HD video cameras. Using these new API’s, developers will be possible to build new classes of applications that were not possible in AIR 1. For example, it is now possible for a developer to build an applications that automatically synchronizes data between a local hard drive (or in the cloud) and a mass storage device.

Christian Cantrell, a member of the Adobe AIR team, posted an excellent blog post with code samples where he provides example code how these new API’s will work. In addition, he also recorded a demo of an AIR 2 application he made available as open source called FileTile.

4 Responses to Exploring the New Storage Volume APIs in AIR 2

  1. Some nice extra functionaility that we can use in Air which is always welcome. FileTile looks pretty cool but it doesn’t look like it would perform well when a large drive is plugged in with nested folders. A whole load of getDirectoryListing() calls would hang the app. Better to use the async version. Still, that’s not really waht the demo was about was it!

  2. @Giles. Thank you for the comment. The good news is that you could easily add a folder structure to the application instead and since the code is open source, you already have a head start on making this happen. 🙂 – Rob (Adobe AIR Team)

  3. Nathan says:

    This is cool news. 🙂

    Looking for the release..

  4. Not a bad post, I’ve posted it on my bebo page for you 🙂 No need to thank me!