Real-time Multiplayer Gaming with ChessJam and Adobe AIR

ChessJam is a beautiful new online chess game powered by Adobe AIR that allows users to play chess with others from around the world. Greg Wilson, one of the developers of the application and an Adobe employee, wrote a detailed blog post on how the application was created using Flex, Adobe AIR, ColdFusion and LiveCycle DS.

When asked why the team that developed this application chose Adobe AIR, Greg responded with the following points:

  • Embedded images and sounds dramatically speed-up load times compared to an equivalent web-browser-based app
  • User presence detection
  • Network detection for handling disconnects and reconnects
  • Custom chrome (the team wanted 100% control over UI, sizing, position, etc.)
  • Numerous uses of mx:HTML including the news banner, upcoming stats view, etc.
  • Auto-update framework to easily push out updates to the application.
  • Support for Mac, Windows and Linux

Greg mentioned that there are plans to release other features that take advantage of AIR soon including toast-style notifications, local game history storage using the SQLite database and more. Congratulations to the ChessJam for building a fabulous game.


25 Responses to Real-time Multiplayer Gaming with ChessJam and Adobe AIR

  1. Jon says:

    Awesome! I wish they would also release a decent backgammon game. MSN Backgammon is simply aweful.

  2. flanture says:

    choosing AIR for multiplayer chess game has many advantages – idea that you can play from desktop WHILE working online in browser is just wonderful

  3. Nathan says:

    WOW.. This is great news.. Gonna play with AIR 2..

    We will expect more stuffs in future ..

    AIR 2 rocks..

  4. Gaming Mouse says:

    I really like AIR and this seems like a fantastic game, thanks for sharing!

  5. Sohbet says:

    WOW.. This is great news.. Gonna play with AIR 2..

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