Preparing for Adobe AIR 2

Back in November of last year, we released the AIR 2 public beta runtime and SDK on Adobe Labs. Since then, our team has been keeping very by responding to customer feedback, resolving bugs, improving overall quality and finishing off a few remaining features. In addition, we also released a minor update (Adobe AIR 1.5.3) in December. In the coming weeks, we are planning on releasing a second AIR 2 beta on Adobe Labs. In the meantime, please be sure to download the current beta build and let us know any feedback you have on the AIR 2 forums or send a note to us directly by using our feedback form.

Below are a few tips and reminders that I encourage developers to review including a few points that are specific to AIR 2.

  • One question that I have heard from developers is the following: "When AIR 2 becomes publicly available, will AIR 1.5 remain installed alongside AIR 2 on my system or will AIR 2 replace AIR 1.5?" The answer is that AIR 2 will replace earlier versions of the AIR runtime installed on your system. Once AIR 2 is installed, AIR 1.5 applications that were already on the system will begin to run against the AIR 2 version of the runtime. Due to this, it is strongly recommended that you download the AIR 2 and test out any of your AIR 1.5 applications or earlier to ensure that they run as expected. For enterprise deployments of Adobe AIR where end users are unable to install or update software on their local machines, IT managers typically are responsible for updating the runtime.
  • As was described in our AIR 2 release notes, beginning with AIR 2, Mac PowerPC and Windows 2000 systems will no longer be supported. If you are a PowerPC user, existing applications installed on your system will continue to run, but it will not be possible to install the AIR 2 runtime or run AIR applications that require AIR 2.
  • Adobe AIR team member Oliver Goldman has written several valuable articles that I strongly encourage developers to read including API Tip: Don’t Abuse File.applicationStorageDirectory, Update Your Application Regularly and Update Strategies for Changing Certificate.

6 Responses to Preparing for Adobe AIR 2

  1. Hybridbiler says:

    I am waiting for that to be released… 😀

  2. Ian says:

    Sweet, jQuery 1.4 and Air 2.0 both in Q1 this year!

  3. Xu says:

    Looking forward to beta 2

  4. Luca says:

    Why adobe doesn’t implement the REAL webkit engine?
    Why SVG is not supported?
    Why CSS3 font-face module is not supported on every platform?

  5. EUGENIO says:

    I would like to reiterate LUCA’s question about your implementation of webkit.

    Why is SVG not supported?
    Why CSS3 font-face module not supported on every platform?

    I am a web developer in need of SVG support for applications on AIR, it would be amazing to have such capability as many have stated on other popular javascript related websites such as, etc. With introduction of raphaeljs, we can now implement SVG into our web application allowing drawing capabilities, which in turn competes with Flash technology. In a way it does, but nevertheless SVG support would allow more rapid development/deployment of AIR, as thousands of developers are developing cross-browser SVG graphics and would love to emulate that in AIR applications – granting higher speed no need to hack it for Internet Explorer which uses VML only and very slow on rendering.

    Having SVG in AIR would be an amazing capability.

  6. Heidi Julian says:

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