Help us improve Adobe AIR

In partnership with the team behind Adobe Labs, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new website designed to let our community help us improve Adobe AIR. The website, Adobe Ideas, allows you to submit ideas on how to improve AIR as well as vote and comment on existing ideas from others in the community. As you submit ideas, please be as specific as you can with your description, and let us know the problems you are trying to solve. In addition, our team will be using this website to communicate features that are actively in development.

Though we only launched this new website just a few days ago, we are already seeing a significant amount of traffic. We’re energized by the response so far and look forward to seeing your suggestions on Adobe Ideas!

Rob Christensen
Sr. Product Manager, Adobe AIR

5 Responses to Help us improve Adobe AIR

  1. Lee Graham says:

    This site kicks ass! I submitted a couple already and voted. Thanks for doing this!

  2. No thank you submitting your suggestions! We truly appreciate it. – Rob, AIR Team

  3. Joey says:

    What’s the difference with Do we need to tell our features in Adobe Ideas and bugs in JIRA? or both?

  4. @Joey: Currently AIR is not listed as a project on Jira. We are actually planning to have an online bug database as well, but we’ll be using a newer system. If you have bugs related to AIR, please send them directly to our team by using our feedback form: — we review every issue that comes in.

  5. Inas Luthfi says:

    I checked the ideas website and saw that Adobe AIR got more ideas compared to other technologies. Looks like people really do want to use AIR for cross-platform desktop development.

    Hopefully good ideas from community become reality (multi-threading, 3D, mobile camera, et)

    Good luck for Adobe AIR Team!