Welcome to the Flash Player Team Blog

Welcome to the Flash Player Team development team blog. I’m Emmy Huang , a Group Product Manager for Flash Player. The team wanted to start this blog to share with you information about how things work in Flash Player, why they work the way they do, tips, tricks, and other interesting behind-the-scenes details.
While there are several individual team bloggers, such as Tinic, Mike and Trevor, this blog presents an opportunity for the team at large to also contribute to the conversation. And of course, don’t forget about using the public bugbase to file bugs and feature requests!
The team is excited about using this blog to engage with the community, so stay tuned as I start to get various team members blogging here over the coming months.
Emmy Huang
Group Product Manager, Adobe Flash Player
p.s. Not that the engineers are capable of “marketing-speak”, but we’ll do our best to give you the straight story.

8 Responses to Welcome to the Flash Player Team Blog

  1. Airan Abdalla Costa says:

    My computer is ultra new, everything original, two original anti-virus .. that I paid and I don’t know what is active…

    Please help me!

    Thank you.

  2. Rose Lantagne says:

    I keep getting a popup telling me to install Flash Player. I already have it. How can I stop this popup?

    • Matt Rozen says:

      Hi –
      We’re sorry to hear that some of you are having difficulty installing Adobe Flash Player. We have an installation section on our customer support page that may
      be able to help (http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/). If you follow the instructions there and are still having problems, we do also
      offer complimentary technical support through email. To file a new question, please go to our support portal
      (https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/support/index.cfm?event=portal&loc=en_us). You will need to have an account on this system (which is free). Once you are
      signed in, you will be taken to a form that is already configured for installation help. Please select the “Additional Products” radio button and
      select “Adobe Flash Player” and click continue. Please enter the steps that you have tried to install Flash Player and enter
      the rest of the information for the form. Don’t worry about the Support Plan ID as it is not needed for Flash Player.


  3. lori hansen says:

    This new flash player does not work i can not do any of the games on facebook help me

  4. Billie Dorries, Jr. says:

    Flashplayer 10.1 doesn’t work! Your support blogs and forums are full of people complaining about it. When can we expect an update that will work. I went back and downloaded an older version that worked until some applications forced me back to 10.1.
    If I’m running a video screen and try to go to full size, I get a white screen and have to escape back to a half-size (or smaller) screen. I use Windows Media Player for most of my video watching (along with half the world). Playing a game of Facebook? It’s going to take a lot of patience. Trying to go to full screen will get you the white screen, playing on 1/2 screen is frustrating but can be done although the play will freeze every so often (didn’t happen on the old flash player), and every so often, apparently just for the hell of it, Flash Player will crash and I’ve got to reload the page. The old player never crashed! I’m just repeating what you already know though, your support forums are full of problems but no answers. Again, when can we expect an update that works?!

  5. Lester Yoder says:

    I am getting a full white screen when I try to expand a video to full screen. The sound continues OK. Can anyone help me resolve this problem. I don’t seem to find any setting that would fix this.

  6. Mark Baker says:

    Using IE8 with Windows XP Home Edition Version 5.1 with service pack 3 and 1GB memory and no other software running and no other users signed on: I am getting a full white screen when I try to expand a video to full screen. The sound continues OK. Can anyone help me resolve this problem. I don’t seem to find any setting that would fix this.

  7. please help me install the new adobe… having trouble it’s telling me I have catastrophic failure